Enchanted: The Crest of the Wave

Hello lovies!

Summer, summer, summer time! We have reached the crest of our time on the Earthly realm. The heights of this season can only be matched by the depths of the underworld at Winter solstice. Where we hung upon the meat hook in the underworld, learning to appreciate life through death, summer calls for us to learn to appreciate death through life. Here we bear witness to the pain of release, the joy of change, and the importance of strength to birth then protect our home (spirit, body, family, friends and living space). Here we’ll explore the polarity which is found in the matching of Cancer to Capricorn, summer to winter, Inanna to Isis through Enchantment: Crest.

Enchantment: The Power of Winter brought to us tools and explored the energy of winter. Now we turn to the energy of summer. That movement that is smooth but constant such as currents below the surface. There is so much diversity in water. It can be calm and peaceful, rough and strong, tempermental and unpredictable. We can track, study, and analyze but there is still so much to know about the element of water we may never know everything about it’s depths.

What does that mean when applied to a season of the year? Firstly, swim with the current not against is the most efficient answer. Yet, if there is an issue or area that you are seeking healing or support in sinking to the deep calmer waters helps to wash away your ills. Deep work can also assist in supporting you after the tumble on the surface.

Here is the thing, Summer solstice is like high noon when the sun is at its peak. There is no shadow on us when the sun is directly overhead if we were smack dab in the center of the earth. Although the sun is never directly overhead due our longitudinal location, we still cast a shorter shadow at noon. Metaphorically this means that where we may dive deeply into the shadow in Winter, there is no hiding from the work that needs to be done in the summer. Everything is bright and in your face.

Luckily, the Goddess Auset is an excellent healer and ruler over magic. She can assist in your work just as she healed Osiris, birthed Horus, and even would have made the Queen’s son immortal had she not been interrupted. This summer we will be looking at ways to connect and work with Auset to heal, grow in our power, and move beyond the limited roles that we have accepted or that have been placed upon us.

Above all else, do not fear the movement or change but rest in the knowledge that all will be well in the arms of the mother.

with love,

Kamilah Rose


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