Ocean Wonders

Hello lovies, It’s finally summer time and I could not be happier. Summer brings us long hot days and finding every excuse you can be in or near water. Why are we so drawn to this mysterious element? Perhaps it is because it is so abundance and yet we know so little about it’s depths.Continue reading “Ocean Wonders”

Making Magic

Almost forgot I was a witch. Almost forgot that I make shit happen. For a minute I sat there wondering what could I do? Where can we go that’s safe. Then I said, oh yea I can change things. So where my witches at? Let’s send Reiki, let’s cast circles of protection, let’s put theseContinue reading “Making Magic”

First Steps

Greetings beloveds, Yesterday was a delightful day. I participated in a Reiki level 1 course with the Angel Teri Malek at Epiphysis Center. I had put out the intention to connect with what my divine purpose was and ran across this event through a friend on Facebook. As I put more and more trust in myContinue reading “First Steps”