The Unknown: New Moon in Cancer

Hello lovies,

New Moon in Cancer Navigation Tools

  • Allow new experiences and perceptions
  • Develop and nurture self/social compassion
  • Embrace your emotions
  • Communicate clearly
  • Any progress is progress
  • Be steady and sure not compulsive
  • Plan for what you can, release what you cannot
  • Address issues with your mother and father in a safe space

Such interesting energy with this new moon eclipse in Cancer leading up to the full moon in Capricorn. At the center is Neptune in Pisces. I still believe the stars indicate that we are having a Neptunian Crisis where we are beneath the waves at the door between the known and the unknown.

Sun, Moon, and True Node in Cancer 9th house this new moon we explore through our perception which can be experienced through our feelings. It’s all about learning who we are at an individual, social, and astral level. We are so much more than the first level self that can be perceived through the ascendant. Cancer energy is loving, protective, and wear their heart on their sleeve. When things are going well and they feel secure, Cancers are the great mother energy. When they feel threatened or scorned the claws come out. This new moon Saturn in Capricorn is poking the crab. You know how you have that parent or guardian who would give you that look, the “get it together” look? Yea that’s Capricorn energy right now. This is not a negative energy Capricorn is just doing what it does best in trying to provide for the zodiac by creating a container. Whereas structure and rules are comforting for some they can feel restrictive for others.

 Saturn in 3rd house and Pluto in 4th house in Capricorn are attempting to create a foundation for the home and social life of our Cancerian dreams based on what we are putting out there. Thus, this new moon you must be very clear either with specific details or expression of feeling of what you want and how you would like for it to be give to you. Misunderstandings can occur especially with Mercury moving into retrograde soon, when we do not verify that our message has been received.

Clarity is doubly important as the Sun in Cancer is working with Uranus in Taurus to revolutionize our system of production, values, and practices. We are transforming to a more feeling based society which is pushing against the logic based present day social framework. We must release our pride and the need for everything to make sense. Not all equations will have an answer that can be determined especially when all the factors are not known. As our view of reality broadens, we accept that there is much more that is unknown about the world then we imagined. Whether this includes the depths of the ocean or the vastness of space there is so much that we do not know. We cannot plan for unknowns like we do when we have all of the factors of the equation.

Learning to factor choice, chance, and the unexpected gives room for growth. Room for magic. It is there that we see the manifestation of our dreams if we are brave enough to let go of the need for control and allow.


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