Full Moon in Aries: Removing the Mask

 A season of grace with a sword in one hand and scales in another. With the sun and mars in Libra, there is a passive aggressive edge in the air. Libra is not a sign that runs toward conflict unless they are defending others. Justice for those who cannot defend themselves? Right up Libra’s alley. They’ll do so with perfectly done hair, clear skin, and an outfit that screams “I came to run this”. This usually comes at the cost of caring and defending for the self. Not this time though because we have the courage of Aries to call out the B.S. An Aries moon is the divine feminine standing strong in her power. She isn’t afraid to call out or call in. It doesn’t really matter to her. This act is more about speaking truth than the approach of how it is accomplished. Libra will add some finesse to these actions. Making the scoldings we receive easier to receive on both sides.

This will definitely be a season of shade. We have entered into the underworld and our shadow is being exposed as we are in the twilight of the season. Shadows are looming. Inescapable. Step into that space and claim yours. Do not try to hide or ignore these attributes when they are uncovered. Doing so will only make the process even more painful. Remember the shadow of Libra is all about ego, pride, and social perception.

Don’t cultivate a persona. Be real, open and vulnerable. This is what truly gives Libra the ability to perform faux paus with little repercussions. Being vulnerable and speaking without fear of what others will think of you will be very appealing with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. The need for deep real conversations and connections is coursing through the land. Everyone wants to dig into the depths of their own personalities and those of others around them.

The Big Picture

I’m sure you already know that this Libra and Capricorn energy are squaring each other. It’s just a mathematical fact due to their angles. This puts that desire to be perceived as put together, productive, and attractive to the test. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn are putting the stereotyped persona or mask that we wear to test. Are you going to walk the walk and talk the talk? Or will your mask crumble under the pressure? Will you be able to harness the energy of Libra that calls truth to power (thanks Susan for that saying) or will you continue the glamour of perfection? Authenticity is the key. Jupiter in Sagittarius helps to pave the way as even they are grounded in being as real as possible. Even when that is a mess. Harness that energy (get it?). Knowledge brings security which allows for the free wheeling energy that Sagittarian’s live for.

This is still all about how you utilize your talents to build a life for yourself (i.e. how you make your money) which is carried over from Uranus in Taurus. It’s time to live the life of your dreams. Not the fantasy which comes from the shadow of Neptune in Pisces, but the reality of doing what expands your understanding of yourself and the world around you. Take the healthier approach. Accept the fluidity of life and create as you go. The Aries moon gives you that push to do so where you might feel too timid or concerned with what others will think of you (that Libra energy).

Oh and things are burning down around you. Let them. Let go. It’s fall. Things are falling apart. Let them. See what the world is without the haze of the spring and summer glamour. Name those skeletons, mourn them, accept them, and put them in their place to be reborn as a new perspective, reality, and life.

It’s scary, I know. But you can do this.

Kamilah Rose

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