28 Days of Gratitude: Day 5 The Third Eye Chakra

Day 5: The Third Eye Chakra and the Clairs

We give thanks for our connection to the Divine. It is through this connection that we are tied to all things in and our of existence. Flowing from the macro to the micro, this universal connection can be further explored on a personal level through our third eye chakra.

Each of us has talents and gifts associated with the pysche. These may be displayed in a form of the Clairs. You may be most familiar with clairvoyance or visions but you can learn more about the different types of Clairs here.

Today let us give thanks for our third eye gifts. Explore your relationship to the Clairs using the list below. What experiences have you had with each type? Which do you find comes most easily to you? What types would you like to develop, if possible?

See you tomorrow loves,

Kamilah Rose


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