Clairvoyance and Other Forms of Sensory Input

clairvoyance-definition.jpg (1280×720)Greetings loves,

I have been doing a lot of work with divination as far as tarot, oracle, intuitive, astrology, and numerology. I find that I pick up information primarily two different ways. One is through intentional contact with one’s higher self/guides while the other happens through connecting unintentionally with the same energy systems through conversation. Generally want will happen in the second circumstance is if I speak to someone and attune to their energy then I will begin to receive information about them. Part of this is context clues but the other portion is energetic transference of info. Over the years I have become more adept at this as well as more sensitive in how I relay this information to others as it can be quite starting to have someone bring up portions of one’s life that they have not shared with you (and often times have not shared with others either).

As I have spent more time learning about the different forms of energy transference or ways of knowing outside of the perceived sensory norms such as through sound, smell, touch or visuals that others may not see. These are gifts that should be nurtured. They are keys to navigating our existence and a move towards understanding our world beyond be what we accept as reality. These are often skills that have helped for groups and individuals to survive in hostile and traumatic environments. As the shadow is brought into the light and is either integrated or extinguished we must use our skills to be able to discern between what is best for us and those we care for. To determine truth from fiction and ego from self.

The shadow that is coming forth in this time deals with integrity. Whether someone is all talk or actually follows through with what they say. We will hear much from each other in the next year promises, reassurances, and even just outright lies but we must be able to FEEL the difference between what is true and what is not. Their actions later will reveal the final answer but in turn we can perceive if we connect with our abilities and skills what the probable outcome is. What I have found is that much is being said during this time but the actions are not matching the statements being made. What does this mean? It means that we are having a crisis of truth. The scales of Maat are being engaged to way the truth of our words versus the actions of hearts. Although you cannot control the actions of others you can act and speak with integrity yourself. You can align your energy in order to bring the best outcome to your circumstances even with other’s co-creating our societies existence. If you sense the deception speak out about it in a safe manner as some may lash out when they are confronted with the truth. I myself had to learn how to be more gentle with my approach but still honest in sharing what I was sensing. Remember though in no way are you always obliged to interact with others if that is not your work. Another reason why being in touch with your skills is so important as it will let you discern which work is yours to engage in.

I wonder what and how do others experience clairvoyance? How do we recognize these ways of knowing and normalize them? Perhaps we are not ever going to see this as something that is the norm but perhaps see this as something that can be accepted by many. My desire is to learn more about this and see how it manifests in others lived experiences. Over the next for months I look to feature a piece on the various different kinds of clairvoyance as well as work on developing my own skills more. If there was ever a time for us to explore and develop our strengths it is now.

What are your gifts? When did you begin to notice them? Do you actively work to engage in building on your skills and talents? How do you feel it influences your lived experience and purpose at this time?

May you be a shining beacon of light or a guide through the darkness,



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