New Moon in Capricorn

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Greetings beloveds!

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you but I LOVE Capricorns. They are focused, practical, grounded, and great at making/keeping plans. So I am very excited for this new moon in Capricorn. Not only will this give us a supportive framework upon which to put our lives back together  but also gives us the drive to complete the plans for all the things that we have been dreaming about completing over the last year.

This new moon we are being called to use the Capricorn energy to take account of our lives and begin being more methodical in our use of energy. This begs the question of where does your time go? Take a couple of minutes to figure out how much time you are giving to different activities. Does that schedule match what you desire your time to spent on? Are there areas where you can spend less time everyday in order to spend time moving, meditating or even watching your favorite show? It’s easier than it seems to fall into the habit of spending too much or not enough time on leisure activities or producing/work.

Balance is something that we all seek but the best gift you can give to yourself is to be easy with yourself. Find balance where you can and don’t punish yourself when you find yourself working 50 hours a week and not fixing dinner. If that happens take a look at where you could take some time to feed yourself and your family yummy nourishing food (that you might not even have to make). Can you meal prep? Delegate some cooking duties to others in the household? Or perhaps there needs to be some changes to your work schedule? Look through your schedule and see where you can balance some things out. Remember that balance requires us to give to ourselves just as much as we give to others. The energy that you are putting into each day should be weighed as evenly as possible.

What this requires is courage if you aren’t used to speaking up for yourself and making sure that your needs are met. Capricorn is a sign of conviction. They do their research and when they want something they know how to get it. So you better believe if anyone tries to question their plans they have the facts to back themselves up. Take a note from Capricorn here that the more knowledgeable you are about the plans that you make the more confidence you’ll have to move forward. Which speaks to another Capricorn trait that we can use during this time, long term vision. Capricorns have an uncanny ability to see precisely what needs to be done to achieve their goals. This allows them to make more efficient and effective plans that can actually come to fruition. So while you are taking account of your present use of time and your life include in your review what your future goals are. Do they line up? Will the actions and plans that you have in place now align you with the goals that you have for the future? If not there’s some revisions to be done.

Lastly, make sure that you include in your review your relationships with others. Regardless of where my interests and projects take me I always come back to the ways that we relate to each other. It is my life pattern and a part of my purpose. Because of this I spend quite a bit of time reviewing my relationships, beliefs, and behaviors. While making your plans and taking account for your energy, ask yourself what are the patterns that you find in your relationships? In the same way you are designing your life through this review process you can also design your relationships.

In the previous months you were called to balance out your thought paradigms with your feelings, feel your way through by diving deep into your emotions, and finally to take action and move forward. Now you are being called to be practical in your approach to evaluating your relationships. To look towards the future of where you would like to go and discern what is the best path to getting there. Do you want to nurture your relationships? Perhaps setting time aside for family, friend, and partnerships is the next step for you. Having a set dinner, movie, game, or activity night may help you to connect more consistently, something Capricorns love. On the other hand, you may also want to set some time aside for yourself as Capricorns are not necessarily known to be people persons. Perhaps the pattern that you come to recognize is that you give too much of yourself to others without setting aside time to replenish yourself. Or you may not give enough. Having an open heart is not the most practical life approach as feelings can lead us astray and cloud our judgement. Through balance though your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions can be your greatest asset in knowing the best path to take surpassing abstract logic.

Well there you have it, the subjects of our last new moon of 2016. Overall I implore you to release that which no longer serves your and redistribute your energy to the people, places, projects and plans that do. As we near the end of the year, may you find yourself in the best of company with high spirits. Here’s to planning and scheming!



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