Laying Down the Sword

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Greetings loves,

As you all know I’ve been doing quite a bit of self work. In doing so I’ve been reading the work of Alison Armstrong and to say it’s been an eye opener is a bit of an understatement. Ughhhhh we talked in my witchy circle the other day about how sometimes when doing a tarot card reading the cards just call you out. Making it oh so clear all the things that you really do not want to have to deal with. Well this book was the equivalent of that happening to me in the way that I approach masculinity. I must say though there are a couple of fundamental aspects of her teaching that I do not necessarily agree with that could be used by those who may not have the best interest for others but that’s an issue that I will let the author of the work deal with.

There’s quite a bit that is featured in her work so I encourage you to look into the books and other products if you are interested. I found that the portion that really connected to me was that she actually explained her thesis with examples in her work. I have seen quite a few “woman’s groups” that are focused on healing the feminine and the relationship to the masculine but to me they never truly explore the why. they never touch on the background of the topic and what has led to western society’s current state. As a sociologist I need this explanation and exploration! I am a why person. I need to know how, why, and what has occurred in conjunction with the topic in order to really be able to grasp and honestly believe the information that is being given to me. I also found the fact that the information was shared in a story format really assisted my creative side in being open to the information. The resistance was not as strong as it normally may be because I was able to see a multitude of examples applied to these characters so while I related to it it was in a gentle way that didn’t seem attacking.

So what I am adding to my new paradigm is to release my negative viewpoint on the capacity of men to be available and open. The one vow I made was to put down the sword at least when it comes to men in my personal life. Although I have put the sword down I have not put it away though because at times the need to defend is a just reality. It is wise to have the skills as I want to be as prepared as possible without being on the defense. In much the same way as I see reading Armstrongs’ work as gathering skills and information I too know that the lessons that I have learned have from times I had to take up the sword to be of use as well.

Perhaps the best part of this all is knowing when it is appropriate to lay down the sword instead of having it constantly ready to go. But it must be acknowledged that being able to put down the sword of defensiveness is a privilege that quite a few are unable to even test out. So I am appreciative of my ability to be able to explore a new a way of being. My tarot readings have consistently been implying that it’s time for me to take a new approach to things. That if I continue to hold on to my ways that I will find myself always caught in the same loop, living the same life only with different characters. I’m ready to change. To go back to a me that I can only remember as a child who could relate to my being infinite ways.

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So now I lay down the sword and pick up my scepter.




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