2017 The Year of I AM

lao-tzu-new-beginnings-painful-endings-7e4p.jpg (1500×1500)Greetings beloveds,

What an eventful year we’ve had. For many it’s been painful, toxic, unrelenting, and not over soon enough. We are always learning, growing, moving forward even when it may appear that we are standing still. 2016 has been a momentous year for several reasons but here we will discuss the numerological significance of this year and of the one to come. But first a quick intro to numerology for those who are unfamiliar with this form of knowledge.

Numerology is the study of the metaphysical significance of numbers. As everything is made up of energy and has a vibrational frequency attached to it. Numbers play an important role in our lives from our birthday, age, address, phone-numbers, government identifiers. Numbers are everywhere in our lives and becoming attuned to what their presence means adds another tool to our divination toolkit. Here we’ll cover the basics of the significance of the number 9 and 1 for the years 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Numerology consists of the use of the single digit numbers 1-9 as every string of digits after that can be reduced to one digit. Thus 2016 (2+0+1+6) when added all together equals 9 making this a year that is associated with all of the attributes of the number 9. Most discussions surrounding 2016 as a 9 year have focused on 9 being the symbols of endings. The final lesson to be learned before reaching the next level of growth. These are not the only attributes associated with the number 9 though. First, 9’s are likened with all encompassing love and the selfless nature of being of service. 9’s are not so much an ending but more so that the knowledge contained within 1-8 has been learned and now it is time to pass this knowledge along. Many of us have had some hard earned lessons in love, relationships, self-worth, money, freedom and spirituality. The key to remember is that everyone is at some point in their journey and although this may be a 9 year we each have our own personal years which can be obtained through adding the digits of your current birthday together. For example someone born on 8-27-1979 would be in an 8 year in 2016 (this can be found by adding one’s birthday month (8), date (27) and current year of last birthday (2016). Not to mention the personal month numbers, destiny, life path, soul urge, and personality numbers that we experience as well, but that’s for another day. This explains why the overall energy would be of 9 but we each have our own very different experience in regards to this time. For some it has been a year of awakening, for others manifestation, some endings, and other beginnings. Overall though the energy of 9 affected our institutional and macro level dealings moving us towards being more compassionate, concerned with humanity and tolerant.

Now, I know many may be feeling like that can’t be what a 9 year is about because there’s been so much hate and violence across the board within the world. Yet, have you not found if you are reading this that you have been in a state of greater compassion towards the ills of the world? Feeling more connected to the world around you? Although it may be hard to see, the overall flow has been towards good even though there were many evils that occurred in our journey to get where we are today at a time for looking within ourselves and developing our power in order to withstand the next round of lessons that we will experience during 2017 a 1 year.

The number 1 represents not only new beginnings but new lessons to be learned, stories to be told, and most importantly development of our spiritual selves. 2017 will be a time of great independence. Striking out on our own meaning that one may pick career, life outlook, or have the courage to stand up to those who have oppressed you as you are filled with the energy of the creator which proclaims I AM. So in 2017 may you be able to take strength from what has happened and from what is to come. Stand firmly in your ability to not only survive but thrive. Claim who you are as whole and worthy for this will be a time of great possibility. Do not cower. Do not fear. 2017 will be the year of “I Am”.





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