New Moon in Pisces: Standing in the Fires of the Subconscious

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Greetings beloveds,

Strength, compassion, purpose, action. These are the key words of this new moon in Pisces. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces holds all the lessons that we have learned through the past new moons resulting in a variety of forms of integration. A mutable water sign represented by two fishes swimming in opposite directions. These fish represent the cycle of existence through thought/creation, hopes/despair, life/death. Pisces feel for the world. They experience the entirety of the emotional spectrum revolving through experiences. So often that is why we may find it hard to understand Pisces as they experience extreme highs and lows in turn with the universal flow of energy not as directly tied with their personal energy. In turn their gift is to bring this wisdom of emotional intelligence to the world. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are the dreamers of our world. They exist with one foot in this plane and the other in the womb of creation and destruction. They create the space for new ideas, beings, behaviors, and worlds. They are unburdened and yet limited by the scope of what they perceive can be achieved in reality from the dream world they have created. Pisces represents the duality of the subconscious, where Gemini is the duality of the mind, Capricorn duality of the body/earth, and Sagittarius duality of behavior. Pisces home is the subconscious in consciousness. A state that others may have to work to engage in, for Pisces it is a natural flow. Yet the undercurrents of desire are in the shallow end as opposed to the depths of the ocean. There is not a need to dive when you can just stand.

This new moon represents this strength that Pisces has from the lessons they have learned. It is the time to experience the fullness of our being in a space where we do not have to question our being or purpose. We have been defining who we are and in that exercise we have been releasing/cleaving to that which is in alignment with who we find ourselves to be. This is a time of action but not physical action through movement per se but through the inner work, through the emotional work. This energy highlights well the duality of Pisces as it is fiery emotional work to be done. Anger, rage, hate, despair, frustration, annoyance, pretty much just all the feelings of being done and over this current realty have been brought up to be dealt with.

We are strong beings. We have survived through years of growth. Through that we have found how connected and yet disconnected we may be. The world is splitting into different realities, no one better than the other just different. We must determine which one we desire to come forth. We have dove into the depths of the underworld, the subconscious, and shadow. Now we have traveled back from the ocean to the shore with the knowledge and wisdom of the deep. Stand in these two states of land and sea. Of material and energy. Now look at the world through those eyes. See past the external projections that others put up to shield you for seeing who they really are. Understand that if one’s words, actions, and thoughts are not in alignment they are not being authentic and you in turn will not experience who they really are. If you are not in alignment then you are not being who you really are.

This new moon calls us to come forth. To stand strong in our being. To realize that practicing compassion and love does not equate allowing those who harm your being to continue forth in your life. Releasing those who do not serve us is a kind way to express cutting off connections. This is a time for emotional, deep work, before we move into a time of rest and building up our resources with the full moon in Virgo. After which our plans will be put into action with the new moon in Aries. So if you are feeling called to meditate, pray, chant, write, read, or seek forms of counseling during this time follow that desire.

With love,



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