Spring Equinox 2017 Feminine and Masculine Energy Reading

Greetings beloveds, Over the past few days I've been sharing the readings that I have done for Spring 2017. They have been beautiful and insightful. I'll know share with you the feminine energy reading for this season. Overall, we are being called to bring awareness to our breath. We often are not taking full breaths … Continue reading Spring Equinox 2017 Feminine and Masculine Energy Reading

Making Magic

Almost forgot I was a witch. Almost forgot that I make shit happen. For a minute I sat there wondering what could I do? Where can we go that's safe. Then I said, oh yea I can change things. So where my witches at? Let's send Reiki, let's cast circles of protection, let's put these … Continue reading Making Magic

First Steps

Greetings beloveds, Yesterday was a delightful day. I participated in a Reiki level 1 course with the Angel Teri Malek at Epiphysis Center. I had put out the intention to connect with what my divine purpose was and ran across this event through a friend on Facebook. As I put more and more trust in my … Continue reading First Steps