New Moon in Taurus

taurus-2.jpg (808×718)Greetings beloveds,

Welcome to the new moon in Taurus my loves! Read up on Taurus and the other Earth signs here. There’s been a lot of change that’s happened for folks with the Venus retrograde we just experienced. A lot of re-configurations, commitments, releasing. All of these planets in retrograde which you can read about here, are calling for us to slow down and review our lives in deep often frightening ways.

This new moon we are called to look beyond the veil of what can be determined empirically to that which is present in spirit. If you are not familiar with the use of the third eye from this time to the full moon on May 10th in Scorpio take about 15 minutes a day to cultivate your psychic abilities and extrasensory ways of knowing. Here’s a quick exercise you can use to complete this task. Developing your third eye will allow for you to be able to generate clear visions for your future. The questions of what do you desire your world to look like will take on the most substantive form that you have ever seen.

Housed in Taurus is the grounding energy that provides the foundation for the energy of creation and drive furnished by Aries to come forth. Without a space to flourish and grow no seeds can break free of their casings and sprout forth into the world. This is the space of hearth and home created by Taurus. This is a time to be steady and create solid goals. Look for what can be obtained. Often, I am proponent of big dreams with little thought as to what can hold one back from achieving those desires. This is not that time. Is it feasible? What needs to be present for your goal to be accomplished? Who needs to be on your team? Close your eyes, take a deep breath, connect with spirit and travel energetically the path to your completed goal.

cc54c6000091c2628002167456fe970a.jpg (4137×2843)

This may be trying times for us as we are reaping what we have sown in an exaggerated sense to make obvious the changes that must be made. We are experiencing a moment of extreme perception alignment. What is good for one is bad for another. What you take as kindness I take as cruelty. Which is real? How can one tell?

We argue over need and necessity fighting to overcome a spirit of lack preyed upon by institutions that have their own will and desire that is never aligned with the greater good. If one thinks that a path of light or a path of darkness is the only way then you are holding the spirit of Taurus too strongly. Be gentle with yourself and each other because there is a voyage coming that will bring you all of your desires but it is not for those who are closed. This time requires a different type of Taurean strength not based in stubbornness but in a settled confidence or what is to come and what must be done. This is the confidence of one who has toiled their land for so long they can sense the changes of the seasons, planting, growth, sowing, and times for rest. This is the strength that you will need at this time. This is the wisdom that will guide you to your desires.

tree-of-wisdom.jpg (800×600)Know the real-world circumstances, rules, and laws that govern your affairs. If you are not one who has a head for these things hire someone who does. This is not the time to rely on yourself as Aries would but to seek the confidences of experts who will bring about the success of your endeavors. You will need this grounding to give you strength during the upcoming full moon. It will be a time of tests and questioning of where you stand. You will delve deeply into the depths of your desires during the Scorpio full moon. Do your work now so you can rest easy in your intuitive process that is to come.

With love,



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