Shadow Work: From Shadow to Shade

Greetings beloveds!

Here is an excerpt from my piece on Shadow Work that I would like to share with you all.


It is time to move beyond exploring the shadow of simply our psyche. Of exploring the shadow as a form of negativity that must be filled with light. Transition the association of shadow to shade. There is a need and relief that can be found there. Relish that moment. This can be accomplished through an underworld journey, alignment of chakras, or a spa retreat. Anything that brings you into further alignment with these vibrations. Release the idea of negativity. There is no such thing. Simply our resistance to slower vibrations due to conditioning that we are supposed to constantly be vibrating higher. Higher vibrations are simply faster vibrations. If the vibrations you are emitting or coming into contact with are slow and we resist that flow instead of leaning into it we are creating further resistance which only serves to further slow ourselves down. It is not simply our psyche in which slower energies lurk but in all things. It is balance. Where there is high there is low. Where there is fast there is slow. Go with the flow.

As you move along the flow that is the point where you can start to turn the tide. Move faster or as is more commonly heard vibrate higher. When one moves with the flow the potential to increase in speed is greater and more likely to occur. Flow with the feelings of anger, depression, grief or jealously. They are “lower” emotions yes but they exist for a reason. They are in your reality for a reason. To slow down and reexamine the situation. Feel the feelings. Pushing them down, ignoring them, trying to cover them up with light, love, and beauty are throwing sticks into the streams. They will not change the flow. In fact they will eventually just create a dam.

What are your thoughts on this beloveds?

Here’s to full integration and individuation,




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