Summer Solstice 2017 General Energy Reading: Increasing the Flow of Abundance through Community and Balance.

Summer Solstice

Greeting beloveds,

Summer is finally here! We are being drawn outside during the cool mornings to take in the warmth of the early rising sun. Then as the sun reaches its zenith during the middle of the day we find ourselves moving towards cooler spaces which provide sanctuary from the heat of midday. As the sun begins its decline, we may return outside to enjoy the heat of the evening that calls us to gather with friends in nature or other social settings

Summer Solstice: Diving into the Watery Depths 

As the longest day of the year, during the summer solstice we are called to recognize the balance of our world through the masculine framework. We pay tribute to and recognize the Sun as the heat which lovingly calls new life from the depths of the feminine earth forth. That which encourages exploration and movement to create. Day long celebrations are observed in many traditions with bountiful feasts rich in seasonal summer foods. The fires of this time go well into the night with large bonfires complete with yummy treats. The story of Osiris in the Egyptian mythology is a beautiful way to observe the summer solstice as it includes the continued role of the feminine in creating a full cycle of both life and death. The masculine is never enough on it’s own to create thus it must have the feminine to assist in achieving balance and organization. Set and Osiris represent just some of the different aspects of the masculine. The drive to destroy/create, life/death, power and force. As much as there are dark and light in all this exists for the masculine as well. The myth of Osiris relays the need to balance out the light and dark, through recognizing that the light will always return.

Summer is the time of nurturing what we have planted. This summer will be a breath of fresh air compared to the conflicts of spring. Ruled by the element of water, Summer calls for us to take that energy needed to break from the shell of the seeds that we have planted and funnel that action into emotional clarity. It’s not about what you do but about how what you do makes you feel. We have all been planning, creating, and building foundations because as we move forward during this time it is becoming harder to ignore our truth. We are being pulled into alignment with our purpose. Blockages are being removed and you are starting to see the results of all the emotional clearing and hard work you’ve done over the spring. Sometimes, what is holding us back from moving forward are not physical obstacles like money, housing, or transportation. Spring taught us that emotional attachments interfere with our desires to the same extent as material, mental, or spiritual elements. Clearing those out made way to redirect our energy towards what is coming this summer. You will find yourself in serendipitous moments over and over.

In fact, it might happen so fast you are wondering what in the world happened. Simply put, you shifted from moving against the current to going downstream. Now with any stream this water is growing in momentum because there is a huge body of abundance coming your way. The closer you get to the fulfillment of your desires the faster things will start moving. Keep your eye on the prize. Your social circle will play a role in this movement.

We journey deep within the Earth during the winter, use the energy of fire to move back up to the surface bursting with new life in the spring and now the waters of summer nourish us as we grow and expand.

July (June 20-July 20)

Isn’t it lovely to have dealt with all of the conflict between yourself and your loved ones past or present? If you missed out on the sarcasm in that statement let me make it clear, this spring was rough for quite a few of us because of needing to clear out hostilities. While we are shifting into another area of focus for this season we are still moving through addressing our relationships. The focus though shifts from conflicts to nurturing. How do our relationships provide us with security in life? Do they give you emotional support so that you are able to freely express your feelings with others? Perhaps you love the engaging conversations that bring about new ideas and fresh perspectives on life’s many quandaries. The start of this month sees us connecting with others and ourselves in ways which enhance our ability to express love towards all beings. The new moon in Cancer enhances this drive, encouraging us to come together with the communities that have supported us through the trials of the underworld. Developing and nurturing our connections with ourselves and each other also set the foundation for economic advancement. Now is the time when our partnerships will bring advancements in areas related to the material realm. This could come across in a relationship that assists you in starting or taking your business to the next level though providing support for your ideas, networking, or capitol. You may find yourself building a network in your current career which leads to a more sustainable future for yourself. There may even be a romantic connection that brings about the building of wealth. The full moon in Capricorn brings into focus the manifestation aspect of wealth. Capricorns are builders focused on bringing all of the experiences and dreams developed by the previous signs into reality. They also focus on wealth building. You will seldom find a Capricorn that does not have a hefty rainy-day fund. Combine this energy with that of the new moon

August (July 21-August 21)

This month we shift from emotional depths to swifter realms of creation through thought. You may have been asking yourself why has this been happening to me? Why did I go through all the things I did over the past season and July? Although I usually recommend connecting deeply to your feelings right now I am encouraging intellectualizing your experience just a bit. That’s right you can officially get all up in your head about things. Now, don’t fall into that cyclical thought treadmill. Think of it as a time to approach your experiences in a structured analytical way. Think the scientific method. The beginning of this month is influenced by the new moon in Virgo, which as we know is the great analyzer. They are master assessors who can divine what has occurred in a situation, decide what worked, what didn’t and then create an improvement plan. Perhaps you may want to use some tools such as a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis to access how things went, what you got out of it, what can you take from this and what are your next steps. This energy carries a feminine influence making this a time for swift but compassionate assessments. Be gentle with yourself. This may also be very literal in that you may have a woman or someone who holds feminine energy stepping forth in your life to assist you in this process. This could even be a new romantic relationship if you have released old ties and are finding yourself in space to have another connection come through. You’ll be wanting to take the results of your analysis and start moving towards thoughts of how you can use this in the future in a very creative way. The energy of how you your thoughts are revolving about these topics will lighten up and not feel so urgent or intense. The full moon in Aquarius will pull you into this place where you are aware of everything and yet emotionally a bit detached from the circumstances. Aquarius’s are great at taking in everything without letting how they personally feel about the topic influence how they address what they have witnessed. Their one goal is to help everyone connect with their higher self in the way that is very instinctual. This may be a welcome reprieve for you if you find yourself getting very attached to your thoughts and feelings. Let this energy guide you into a space of balance and objectivity.

September (August 22-September 22)

September is going to be all about temperance. Tempering our state of being so that we find ourselves in a balanced state. In this case we are balancing our relationship between our emotions, thoughts, and social conditioning. In July we were encouraged to build and connect with communities that provide us with support along with stability. From there we experienced growth in our economic potential. We then shifted from our heart connections to how these connections influence our perceptions towards money. So we began to analyze our finances to figure out what we have been doing that increases and decreases our wealth. After we made our plan we put it into action. This may have resulted in our making some drastic changes towards our spending habits, number of income streams, forms of income, and perceptions towards money. September is running in like, hold on now! Don’t even tip those scales, let’s get into balance. And who better to help you with that but a new moon in Libra. The energy during this time will allow us to check out all the possibilities and weigh which of the results of our analysis fits us best and will allow us to still be able to enjoy ourselves, improve our financial situation, and shift our way our perception towards abundance. Libra’s generally find themselves financially equipped to meet their needs and desires. If they are not more than likely they will energetically draw in what they desire or fake it til they make it. This September you get to pull a Libra and bask in the fun of drawing in abundance through charm, charisma, and refusal to accept anything but the best (or as close to it as they can get). If you’re thinking that means hard work, you got it all wrong. For Libra’s they prefer to put their energy into what they are passionate about. When that is the case it is never work for them but fulfillment of an inner value or purpose. This is the epitome of balance. All of this ties in perfectly with the final full moon of the summer in Pisces where our dreams take center focus. Balance requires that your dreams be in alignment with reality. When that occurs you are able to shift back and forth without harm between the various life responsibilities you have.

As we move into autumn, having this light break during the late summer season. This will allow ease for us as we move towards a time of manifestation, abundance, and harvest. This summer, join us here at the Bliss Institute as we move into providing products for your light and shadow work, start our tarot series, and provide abundance centered content. Happy Summer Solstice everyone!



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