New Moon in Libra: The Beauty in Expansion

New Moon Readings (1)Greetings beloveds,

New moon in Libra, who dis? Ohhh the love of Libra to have balance and harmony in their worlds. Let’s of changes are coming and if you think that things are getting a little out there, just wait. I’m still on b-day celebration so this new moon reading will be short but to the point.

In general, this new moon is about reveling in what you have manifested from the hard work you’ve been doing all year. For some of us this is a time for joy, celebration, and saying oh yes give more of that. For others, it’s a “this is my life??”. It’s time to take a look around and see what you are creating. If your world is turning upside down and not in your favor, you’ve got about a week before Scorpio comes in and drags your ass to the underworld. Oh Libra is all love, fun, and beauty but they will read you with a quickness. There’s no better judge than a Libra on their throne. If you find that things are going in the direction you desire, bravo love the world is at your finger-tips. If not, it’s not too late. It’s never too late with Libra at the wheel as long as you are open, transparent, and willing to bare your soul. It’s time.

Time for honesty, time for self-care, time for you to honor yourself. In the work that I’ve done on the feminine and the masculine it’s interesting to see how really they are the same although they may appear to be very different. This new moon The Goddess steps into the spotlight in a way that cannot be ignored. She is calling for us to remember our creative ability and the energy of creation. How it is a process which starts with just a seed. What seeds have you planted? What seeds are languishing under the soil of your soul waiting for you to giving them some light so they can break free of their casing and bloom? Take a deep breath. Take several deep breaths. Go for a swim, take a nap, have sex, write, paint, sing, dance, hang with friends, cook a meal, make something. Now see what you did there? That’s creation.

Dream big. Did that? Ok now dream bigger! We live in an ever expanding world and yet we play small. Why? Fear, shame, pity, pettiness, anger, trauma, love, compassion, security or support? Shift your focus from lack to plenty. We are always birthing something (it just does not always look like what we thought it would). When it arrives look your creation straight in the eye and say well alright this is just what I wanted or alright this is something (you gotta learn to have fun with it).

Here’s a little story I’m going to share with you about our expanding world and playing small. I have 6 figure school loan debt that I hate and find to be very embarrassing. I prefer to not have to talk about or even acknowledge its existence. I make my monthly payments and hope that one day it just magically disappears. Money flows in to me pretty quickly. I get a lump sum every month for just being alive. Yet, that loan debt is the shadow behind my apparent abundance. This week I turned 30 and wanted to have a luxurious experience. Spa, hot tubs, saunas, and time in nature. I wanted it to fit my budget because I want to pay for things in cash and not add to my debt. Yet, here I am charging my room. My shadow says you want it baby, you’ll get it. Room super cheap, all other expenses paid in cash. My shadow laughs at me as I continue to drag shame around because I’ve gotten what I wanted. I know folks with no debt and can’t seem to rub two pennies together and yet I could never work again and still have enough income to support myself if I scale down my lifestyle. My debt is large because my ability to manifest is large. So I’m welcoming it in. All of it! As Carolyn Elliot says in her amazing EK work for her Influence Course (take it you won’t regret it. I’m getting on my shadows side.

Get on your shadows side. Create, expand, and find the beauty in the world around you.



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