Winter Solstice Reading 2017: The Art of Receiving

Winter Solstice GeneralGreetings beloveds,

We have reached the point in the year where time stands still. We are within the underworld beyond the 8th gate. Tapped into the energy of pure creation. Over the last season what did you find has come to manifestation? You may be thinking nothing was manifested for me. Yet every moment that we exist the world is reflecting back to us what we (along with every other being) have been desiring. Perhaps your shadow has brought you situations that make you very uncomfortable. This is a time of growth. Winter 2017 will release distractions so that we can see what we have sown clearly.

For myself, this Fall I found that I manifested a circumstance through which to face the reality of who I am and what I want. Over the summer I released a relationship that no longer served me as I usually do once I feel that that is the action to take. What I did not realize was there was another relationship that needed to be released that I could NOT let go of in the way I usually do. I could not just stop talking to this person and move on with my life. Well I could but it would have taken a large bit of action on my part to let go of the overall relationship that I no longer desired. I was not ready to do so yet. Therefore, because I would not let go, had not established proper boundaries, and did not want to confront the issue that I created a toxic environment for this other person as well. Now I am reconciling. The difference in this cycle is the wisdom that I have. I realized how I had felt the way this person felt before feeling as if someone was against me when they were either unbothered or frustrated with the state of their own life. As I had desired for this person to become their true self, this was me needing to be my true self. I needed to own who I was, what I wanted, where I was. The focus on the other was a distraction.

If you find yourself feeling distracted or facing your shadow head on in a way that you cannot get away from them, turn to them and say what do you want from me? What is it you want? Then turn inwards and ask yourself, what do I want? Who am I and who do I want to be? This Winter we will be able to reap the rewards of the work we do if you are willing to face the shadow before attempting to turn into the light.


This January, take time to relax and come back to yourself. When you are in the flow you are in the state of receiving. The universe may well be trying to send you everything you desire and yet in your efforts to “fix” things you are blocking your blessings. They will still arrive but perhaps not as quickly or quite in the fashion they could have had you been open and willing. You may feel the call to set new intentions and goals for the new year. Make one of those goals meditation. Find the stillness in the time when the world is lodged in the dark. Turning towards the light and waiting rebirth.


Pack your bags loves it’s time to take a trip! Perhaps a vacation, day trip, or even a couple of hours of your day to see something new that will rejuvenate you. You may also find yourself moving jobs, homes, or vehicles. Be open to the change. Be open to the calling. Follow the energy and move. As they said, when I move you move, just like that.


The time of fruition is upon us! March is here and the winds of abundance are bringing a financial windfall. All the work you’ve been doing will pay off and you will see the fruits of your labor. This can be an intoxicating experience. You feel powerful and joyful at your circumstances. Take heed though, do not stop growing because you have found a place of abundance. There is always more that lies beyond the gate but you must be willing to open the door and allow in. Practice the art of receiving. Journal, practice forms of divination, dance, do art, gather with friends and loved ones, do what you need to to open yourself up to moving beyond the fear that could keep you where you are because you have become comfortable.


Winter is a time of rest and reflection. Give yourself that gift because shortly you will feel the push. The tension, the desire to rise and be born again.

Merry Winter Solstice


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