August Journal Prompt

  Greetings beloveds, We are feeling the heat which moves us towards our dreams. Here is your August Journal Prompt: Summer Embroidery by Susie Clevenger "Summer embroiders sunflowers in grass heat stitched in yellow and green". Write 10 things that make you smile. Then go and do, be, or create one of those things. The … Continue reading August Journal Prompt


Winter Solstice Reading 2017: The Art of Receiving

Greetings beloveds, We have reached the point in the year where time stands still. We are within the underworld beyond the 8th gate. Tapped into the energy of pure creation. Over the last season what did you find has come to manifestation? You may be thinking nothing was manifested for me. Yet every moment that … Continue reading Winter Solstice Reading 2017: The Art of Receiving