Winter Solstice 2018: The Heart of the Underworld


            Welcome to the 7th Gate. On this day we enter into death releasing all that holds us to who we think we are and who we want to be. We are only spirit here. Even those who you care for or are responsible for are no longer under your care. The Anuna, the 7judges, have case their verdict. The judgement: death. Death of the beliefs, relationships, and self that binds us to the needs, desires, and rules of the world. Here, order is derived from Universal Law. “The ways of the underworld are perfect”. “Be satisfied, a divine power of the underworld has been fulfilled. You must not open your mouth against the rites of the underworld.”

            What do you feel when you release all your ties to this life? Are you free? Fearful? Open and ready to see what is next? Everyone has a different moment each time they enter death. It is exactly what one needs at that time. Perhaps you are in rest mode or perhaps you are feeling called to action. To move, to work, to heal, to breath, to be. In death, what actions are you called to? Love             Universal Love: Relationships will feel full of love. A divine love. The love that is shared directly from Source. This shifts the duality of love throughout shadow and light. Source holds all emotional states. For some, that love is is clear but in others it is refracted. When we release ourselves in the underworld we experience the unhindered love of completion. Embrace that this winter and DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS from anyone or anything thing.

            Now that you are released from your binds, what do you need to get done? Where do you need to put your energy or build your power? Review, review, review! Do you need to correct some relationships? If someone has been treating you crazy or taking advantage of you this year let them know that time is over. Develop your boundaries, state them, and enforce them. This may mean that you lose some things along the way. Stepping into your power can come at a price. What are you willing to release to be free?In Winter, it is your life. To return to the land of the living, someone must take your place. What will that sacrifice be? What are you willing to let die? Views,behaviors, habits, relationships, items, places that drain you? Let it go.

Welcome to the Underworld. 

Kamilah Rose


Grounding and Prosperity: Winter Products


Greetings beloveds,

It is with great joy that I share with you all a recent venture of mine. Over the past year I have cultivated products to assist in connecting with the energy of the seasons, the elements, and our souls. Today I bring to you my Winter and Earth Collections which you can find here at my etsy shop The Bliss Institute

Each collection has four products which can work together or separately with the four forms of being air, water, earth, and fire. Our herbal incense blends bring the element of air into your space with ease and grace. Our signature candles will light your path to connect with the energy of fire. I am most excited about our oil blends which can be used in multiple circumstances such as adding a couple of drops to your bath, oil diffuser, candles, and body products. Lastly, we have our portable altar jars. These have already received raving reviews for their ability to activate their users.

Each of my products can be found at my Etsy shop The Bliss Institute. 

Prosperity/Success- Key Number 8

Portable Altar Jar: 

Looking for the perfect way to honor winter or the Earth element? This small 90 milliliter glass jar makes refreshing your home or altar for winter super easy while adding an elegant touch of mental clarity and advanced cognitive functioning. Each jar comes with rice, sand, and coins to bring the magic of the success and prosperity right to your home. This fun jar also serves as the perfect way to represent the north or earth element in your practice. This portable altar harnesses the energy of prosperity, making it easily accessible for you anywhere and at any time!

Oil Blend

The prosperity oil blend is versatile and timeless. This oil blend will assist you in bringing in the energy of abundance and success. Our Prosperity incense is blended to connect directly to your set point of manifestation to shift it from lack to abundance. Place a few drops in your candle, oil diffuser, bath, liquid soap, or lotion to enchant your life.

Prosperity incense comes in a 1 oz amber bottle to maintain the integrity of your oil blend. The contents of this blend includes a mix of essential oils such as cinnamon, chamomile, and ginger in a base of avocado oil. For full list of ingrediants please contact seller.


The Prosperity candles are crafted to specifically to assist you in bringing in the energy of abundance and success. Our Prosperity candles are blended to connect directly to your set point of manifestation to shift it from lack to abundance.

Prosperity tea light candles come in a set of 6. Each candle will provide a light fragrance with the added benefits of our prosperity herbal mix.


This full herb incense blend is crafted to specifically to assist you in bringing in the energy of abundance and success. Our Prosperity incense is blended to connect directly to your set point of manifestation to shift it from lack to abundance.

Prosperity incense comes in a resealable pouch which can be easily stored. The contents of this blend includes a mix of herbs such as cinnamon, chamomile, and ginger. For full list of herbs please contact seller.

Each packet holds enough product for 1-2 charcoal discs (not included).

Grounding/Home- Key Number 4


Looking for a fun and simple way to increase your connection to the material world? This small 90 milliliter glass jar allows you to add an elegant touch of magic with you wherever you go. Each jar comes with stones, sand, and pine needles to bring the energy of stability and grounding right to your home, work space, car, or tote. This fun jar also serves as the perfect way to represent the north or earth element in your practice. This portable altar harnesses the energy of of the Earth, making it easily accessible for you anywhere and at any time!


The Grounding candles are crafted to specifically to assist you in bringing in the energy of abundance and success. Our Grounding candles are blended to connect directly to your set point of manifestation to shift it from lack to abundance.

Grounding tea light candles come in a set of 6. Each candle will provide a light fragrance with the added benefits of our Grounding herbal mix.

Incense: Bay (guardian of house), basil (protection/wealth), clove (banishes negative forces), Mistletoe- protection Orange-Power, luck,

Oil Mix: 

This Grounding oil blend is versatile and timeless. This oil blend will assist you in grounding yourself in the Earth’s energies. Our Grounding oil is blended to connect directly to your root chakra to bring you back to center and a firm foundation. Place a few drops in your candle, oil diffuser, bath, liquid soap, or lotion to enchant your life.

Grounding oil comes in a 1 oz amber bottle to maintain the integrity of your oil blend. The contents of this blend includes a mix of essential oils such as bay leaves, cloves, and orange in a base of avocado oil. For full list of ingredients please contact seller.


This full herb incense blend is crafted to specifically to assist you in grounding yourself in the earths energies. Our Grounding incense is blended to connect directly to your root chakra to bring you back to center and a firm foundation.

Grounding incense comes in a resealable pouch which can be easily stored. The contents of this blend includes a mix of herbs such as bay leaves, cloves, and orange. For full list of herbs please contact seller.

Each packet holds enough product for 1-2 charcoal discs (not included).


The Energy of Winter


Greetings beloveds,

Here’s a revised version of the energy of Winter. Enjoy!

Winter – A time of rest where we set our intentions, hopes, and goals for the upcoming time of movement during the spring. A time for personal development, to heal, do shadow work, and get in touch with your emotions through physical movement and the body. Winter gives us a chance to create plans, gather information, and design an action plan.

According to the Chinese five elements system, winter is associated with the element of water. Water is a conduit of energy associated with adaptability and fluidity due to its ability to shift it’s form depending on the environment in which it finds itself. Water is an abundant element within our world. In fact, our physical bodies and the Earth are composed mostly of water. How well do you understand yourself in relationship to the water of this world as well as your body? Winter provides the perfect opportunity for you meditate on these questions and study the element of water.

Spending time in nature also provides many lessons about the process of creating life. During the winter, the Earth in that hemisphere is in hibernation.  It appears to be inactive and still. The stillness draws us in, encouraging us to want to better understand ourselves as well as the world around us. Although it seems that the world is still during this time, it is actively growing within its womb the manifestations of life to come forth in the spring. Do you remember how a seed grows? The warm earth combined with the moisture of the soil interacts with the needs of the seed to slowly pull the life from within it’s shell. The Earth nurtures that life until the world above it has shifted to provide an environment through which the plant can thrive. Over the years we have shifted our attention and respect away from the Earth and its feminine energy to the Sun as the masculine. We shy away from the Earth’s time, just as we shy away from the power of the Divine Feminine’s shadow side. Learning to love the Earth, particularly during the colder months, is one way to access the feminine and to understand how she functions, loves, manifests, and creates change.

New Years-Winter Solstice

Those who follow a Wiccan or Celtic path may honor the new year during Samhain as that is when the veils between the worlds are thinnest. As a Priestess of the Dark Goddess though, winter solstice is the perfect time to commune with the Divine while you are within the underworld. This is also a great time to design your intentions, goals, and plans for the next year. As the longest night of the year, the extended period of darkness corresponds with the depths of our subconscious. Our subconscious holds our deepest desires and unconscious drives. Through exploration of these aspects of ourselves we can determine the path through which we can heal and grow to achieve our dreams.

Here’s an example of how I prepare for the upcoming year using ritual and tarot/oracle cards. During my Winter Solstice ritual I enjoy using a tarot deck in a Celtic cross spread to understand the main focus of the upcoming year. Then I use an oracle deck for a seasonal spread to get an idea of what my main focus for each season will be. I pull 5 cards, the first card representing the general energy of the next year, then a card for each season. For example, in 2017 my general energy was Hekate and Illumination through a journey in the Underworld. Then as every season changes during the upcoming year I pull new cards. One new general energy reading and three more for each month in that season. This system allows for me to remain engaged in my spiritual practice throughout the year without getting overwhelmed with a large ritual every time the season changes.

How do you flow with the season during the winter? What are you rituals for Winter Solstice?


Connecting to the Divine Feminine: Winter


Greetings beloveds,

Today we will discuss seven easy ways to connect to the Divine Feminine during the Winter.

  1. Winter solstice is the perfect time to commune with the spirits while you are within their realm-the underworld. As the longest night of the year, this is the time when you are in the depths of the underworld are easiest to access.
  2. According to the Chinese five elements system winter is associated with the element of water. During the winter months it’s recommended that you study the element of water.
  3. Connect to the Earth- We’ll cover this more later in the season.
  4. Create nurturing rituals which draw on the element of earth, water, and warmth. This could include warming drinks, hot meals, snuggling under throws, lighting a fire, or taking a hot shower or bath.
  5. Dress in coats, wraps, and accessories in deep earth tones, cool blues, white, green, red or any color that reminds you of winter.
  6. Meditate on the energy of winter and personal development. What areas of your life are calling for your attention? Where do you need to nurture yourself?
  7. Set aside time each day to rest. During the winter, although externally the world may be resting, internally we are healing and growing. In the Winter, we are encouraged to go within and rest just as the feminine does through various myths of the underworld.

Let me know how you connect with the Divine Feminine during the Winter!


Winter Solstice 2017: Polarity Reading

Winter Solstice Masculine Feminine Reading (3)

Greetings beloveds,

We have explored the general and love energy of this season, we now turn to the masculine and feminine to bring complete balance. The world right now is stark and barren. The sky is grey and we long or warmth and comfort. Yet, there is a beauty to the stillness and promise of what is to come. We know that beyond the appearance of death there is life waiting to come forth. As if reflected by the season, our world right now seems ugly, cruel, and bare. Yet, we find joy and beauty still. That is the lesson for this winter. Even in the darkest of times there is joy and light. There exist together just as the masculine and feminine exist; united. The masculine is here to share the beauty of the world while the feminine calls us to recognize that it is our inherent worth that makes this world divine.

January: There is a book series that I love by Garth Nix called The Abhorsen Series. Through these stories we learn of the creation and destruction of the world repeatedly. Each time shifting and growing. Each character must grapple with their shadow towards inadequacy, worth, and purpose. One of the characters Lirael, experiences severe displacement as an orphan among the Clayr of the North who see across time. Lirael does not have the sight and finds herself spending her time among their ancient library. Learning became her gift. Within that gift Lirael is led to her purpose. Lirael had a gift that was unique unto herself. One that would save them all but cost her more than she would have imagined. I implore you to read this series to acquaint yourself with a beautiful tale of shadow and light, life and death. How they are so closely tied together.

You may feel displaced. That you are constantly seeking to be more, do more, live more. We strive to “get it right and achieve our purpose in life.” We realize this January, that there is no right way. Perfection is subjective. It is a choice. One that can feel very difficult to make. Holding abuse, toxicity, and other harmful situations such as institutional prejudice, find the perfection around you. In the beauty of the sunrise. In your morning or evening ritual. In the arguments, misunderstandings, and perceived failures. The path is before you and the choice is yours which way you would like to go. Embrace your experience and use that to fuel your drive. Unite your will and honor both the pain and love. Within there lies the perfection of your entire being.

February: It may be very difficult to accept our divinity and flawed perfection. Often that is where our spirituality comes in as we connect to forces perceived as greater than ourselves who can provide us a lens through which we can see ourselves through the eyes of the divine. Beautiful, perfect, loved. Seek guidance from those who have traveled this road before. They can lend insight and support to you during your journey to self. There is a balance that exists between having a guide, honoring your own wisdom, and being your own guide. Strike that balance this month. Outside insight is a support system but they cannot do the work for you. Nor can they see the world as you do. You are unique and deserve to have that space to shine. Shine brightly love.

March: You have your guides, you know your purpose, you honor your inner source of wisdom, now we heal. We heal the larger forms of ourselves in community with one another. Often these larger structures of institutions, groups, and ideas shape our world. They create expectations and stereotypes which we are compared to externally and internally. We look to our leaders to guide us and then are disappointed, hurt, and enraged when they do not live up to our expectations. The lesson of February carries over to our social spheres as we heal our relationship to community and leadership. Go within and determine if the larger sphere reflects your internal desires. A wise organization, society, and leader engages in self-reflection just as we reflect on our lives. If that does not occur growth is obstructed. Balance is the key. Taking in information from trusted vetted guides and your own personal guidance system creates a well-rounded approach to decision making and creation.

If you find that you are angry at what is occurring during this time that emotion is a sign of the burning away of what was. Let the fires rage within you and funnel that energy towards constructive action. Call out your actions that have participated in the harm and the actions of the those who you placed your trust in to guide the whole. From fire comes life. From death rebirth. From the ashes the Phoenix.


Winter Solstice 2017 Love Reading: Rest, Abundance, and Birth

Winter Solstice Love Reading

Merry Winter Solstice beloveds,

Today we look at the energy of love for the winter season. Over the past year many have experienced shifts in their relationships with themselves and each other. If you are finding that your heart is in need of care practice heart opening exercises and rituals. Love is always seeking us out. Doing whatever is necessary to let us know that we are loved and cared for. This winter, embrace your soul mate. This could be you and your soul uniting, your light and your shadow, a romantic, platonic, family, or other type of relationship. Do not limit your thoughts of love to just romantic or sexual partnership. There are so many ways that we express love. Perhaps you have animal friends, places in nature, books, cars, or even tv shows that make your soul and heart fill with light. That is love. Be there and hold that space within you.

January: The theme for Winter overall focuses on taking time off to come back into alignment with yourself. Make space for yourself. Rather that’s quiet time in the morning, during the day, or at night make yourself a priority. You have done quite a bit of work this year and it’s time to let all of that be set in your mind, body, and soul. There is magic in between the breath. Span that moment into eternity. Rest.

February: You’ve taken the time to relish the pause. Your breath is deep and filling. You close your eyes and memories of your life spring forth. Images of you in your perfect for you life surround you making you gleam with light. When you open your eyes, does the external world reflect what you saw? Were they memories of what could be or what is? I know that following your dreams can be intimidating and scary but so is the thought of never taking that chance. During your time of rest and rejuvenation focus your energy on that life, on your purpose, on your spirit. Focus there until it becomes second nature. Soon it will be time to move these dreams from the astral realm to this one.

March: Winter is coming to an end. The sun is shining and the days are becoming longer. What did you dream of over the last two months? It is time to move from visualization to actualization. The time of gestation has allowed for the details of what you desire to become clear. You have worked out different paths and ways that this could come forth. You’ve experienced synchronicities which have helped to show you the way. Do you feel the tension rising? The energy quickening. Your breath becomes deep and fast. You feel the desire to push this new life, idea, perception out into the world. Prepare, take a deep breath, and release.


Winter Solstice Reading 2017: The Art of Receiving

Winter Solstice GeneralGreetings beloveds,

We have reached the point in the year where time stands still. We are within the underworld beyond the 8th gate. Tapped into the energy of pure creation. Over the last season what did you find has come to manifestation? You may be thinking nothing was manifested for me. Yet every moment that we exist the world is reflecting back to us what we (along with every other being) have been desiring. Perhaps your shadow has brought you situations that make you very uncomfortable. This is a time of growth. Winter 2017 will release distractions so that we can see what we have sown clearly.

For myself, this Fall I found that I manifested a circumstance through which to face the reality of who I am and what I want. Over the summer I released a relationship that no longer served me as I usually do once I feel that that is the action to take. What I did not realize was there was another relationship that needed to be released that I could NOT let go of in the way I usually do. I could not just stop talking to this person and move on with my life. Well I could but it would have taken a large bit of action on my part to let go of the overall relationship that I no longer desired. I was not ready to do so yet. Therefore, because I would not let go, had not established proper boundaries, and did not want to confront the issue that I created a toxic environment for this other person as well. Now I am reconciling. The difference in this cycle is the wisdom that I have. I realized how I had felt the way this person felt before feeling as if someone was against me when they were either unbothered or frustrated with the state of their own life. As I had desired for this person to become their true self, this was me needing to be my true self. I needed to own who I was, what I wanted, where I was. The focus on the other was a distraction.

If you find yourself feeling distracted or facing your shadow head on in a way that you cannot get away from them, turn to them and say what do you want from me? What is it you want? Then turn inwards and ask yourself, what do I want? Who am I and who do I want to be? This Winter we will be able to reap the rewards of the work we do if you are willing to face the shadow before attempting to turn into the light.


This January, take time to relax and come back to yourself. When you are in the flow you are in the state of receiving. The universe may well be trying to send you everything you desire and yet in your efforts to “fix” things you are blocking your blessings. They will still arrive but perhaps not as quickly or quite in the fashion they could have had you been open and willing. You may feel the call to set new intentions and goals for the new year. Make one of those goals meditation. Find the stillness in the time when the world is lodged in the dark. Turning towards the light and waiting rebirth.


Pack your bags loves it’s time to take a trip! Perhaps a vacation, day trip, or even a couple of hours of your day to see something new that will rejuvenate you. You may also find yourself moving jobs, homes, or vehicles. Be open to the change. Be open to the calling. Follow the energy and move. As they said, when I move you move, just like that.


The time of fruition is upon us! March is here and the winds of abundance are bringing a financial windfall. All the work you’ve been doing will pay off and you will see the fruits of your labor. This can be an intoxicating experience. You feel powerful and joyful at your circumstances. Take heed though, do not stop growing because you have found a place of abundance. There is always more that lies beyond the gate but you must be willing to open the door and allow in. Practice the art of receiving. Journal, practice forms of divination, dance, do art, gather with friends and loved ones, do what you need to to open yourself up to moving beyond the fear that could keep you where you are because you have become comfortable.


Winter is a time of rest and reflection. Give yourself that gift because shortly you will feel the push. The tension, the desire to rise and be born again.

Merry Winter Solstice


Decorating the Home for the Celebration Season

Decorating for Celebrations

Greetings beloveds,

I have been prepping for Thanksgiving and know soon I will changing the decorations for Winter Solstice and New Years. Although my mother is the real tactile artist in our family (my sis is the musical genius), I did learn from her how to create a cozy home for the various seasons. Here’s some of my tips for quick and easy ways to decorate your home for the celebration season.

  • Add or change your throws, blankets, or afghans on your couches or beds. You can add green, red, gold, silver, or patterns that reflect your favorite seasonal trends.
  • Create a tablescape in the colors that you associate with this season. I have a simple china pattern for Thanksgiving with fall colored charges, a fall themed table cloth, and green napkins. I then change to my Winter Solstice china from Mikasa, a gold brocade tablecloth, and white napkins. You can be as elaborate or simple as you like.
  • Purchase small signs from your favorite store with sayings such as joy, thankful, grateful, peace, or any other saying that you find to put you in the mood for the season.
  • Another great way to decorate is to add candles, essential oil diffusers, or melts with seasonal scents. Smell is such a powerful sense which can be used to create atmosphere and memories.

Sometimes we have difficulty during the holidays because of painful memories. Although we cannot change the past, we can make the present delightful to create new memories. These small changes make powerful opportunities to be a new person to embrace what has been and become who we desire to be. Take the time and make this season magical for you. You’re worth it.


Winter Solstice

a7b43d6aa76b9a9a2a1a968d8dd481b3.jpg (2048×1280)Greetings beloveds,

It’s winter solstice for us here in the Northern hemisphere and I am so excited! Fall may be my favorite season but winter solstice is my all time favorite season transition. It’s so magical and for me represents the time when I begin completing my planning for next year. This is also the day (or more appropriately night) when I divine what my next year will be like.

I’ve spoken quite a bit about winter as a season which you can find herehere , and most recently here. Winter solstice is not only the longest night of the year but it is also known as the time that the sun returns often referenced in various cultures as the return of the sun of God or the Sun God. This is a beautiful tale that portrays the joy of the beginning of the ascent of the Goddess or divine feminine. Although this has been watered down drastically over time, but still seen with the emphasis on the virgin mother Mary, the importance of the divine feminine is a vital part of this time as without the mother there is no sun (or son). Lest you feel that there is an imbalance, which there is as this time is the darkest of them all remember that the son grows up over the seasons and comes together with the feminine dying and being reborn again and again. Therefore there are parallels between these polarities of energy between the void (the feminine) and form (the male) in their cycles. It truly is all about balance.

Lest we get lost in these ideas of the energy of creation in forms of Gods and Goddesses I would like to emphasize that these are forms given to energetic patterns which help our minds to understand the vastness of the all. So in order to take advantage of this time when we are slowly seeing the return of the light and thus the return of our energy that we have put into our plans and endeavors I will share with you my divination guide that I use at the Winter Solstice.

img_20161221_073009_717Tarot or Oracle Card Winter Solstice Spread

Style 1: Connect to your cards in whatever form works for you then begin to shuffle. Concentrate on drawing to you your focus of 2017 until a card jumps out. That is your general area of focus for the year of 2017.

Continue to shuffle the cards until you have 4 more jump out. These will represent Winter 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, and Fall 2017.

Style 2: If you are not one who uses cards that jump from the deck then continue to shuffle once you’ve spent some time on the general focus of 2017. Once that feels complete take the bottom card of the deck and place that in front of you to represent your general focus for 2017.

Now continue to shuffle the cards concentrating on revealing your focus for the next four seasons Winter 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, and Fall 2017. Shuffle the deck 4 times, 8 times or until you feel complete.

Split the deck into 4 with your non-dominant hand these will represent Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

This is a deceptively simple spread that is super accurate. I’ll have more winter related blog posts coming to you all for the rest of the season. Have fun loves and Happy Yule, Winter Solstice.



The Lesson of the Meat Hook

908a6f48fe39e0970caea20f7e35a087.jpg (500×593)

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you are doing well and know you are loved. It seems though that quite a few folks are going through a journey within the underworld. I have referenced the story of Inanna often which you can find a quick summary of here under Autumn Equinox. At this time we are about to witness the magic of Winter Solstice. As noted within my previous post Flowing with the Seasons, we are entering the underworld symbolically and often literally at the Autumn Equinox. Upon reaching the Winter Solstice we are solidly within the underworld with the longest night of the year representing the three days that Inanna spent deceased hanging from the meat hook.

It’s relevant to speak about this now not only because in the Northern hemisphere the Winter Solstice is occurring this Wednesday December 22, but because I have noticed that it appears that many of us are in the depths of the underworld hanging upon that meat hook. You could be at this point already where you feel that you are dead, no longer breathing or functioning within this world. Maybe all you’re doing is sleeping, feeling drained and as if you can’t do more than the bare minimum. Or perhaps you haven’t been able to sleep. The thoughts swirling around in your head clambering to gain supremacy but never being able to sort them all out. Crying, howling, running, fighting. Dying. Just to be reborn again a moment later.

Our lives are a cycle of never ending growth even after the we that we know ourselves to be has ceased to exist. It is painful, this growth process. Over the last few months I have seen countless people crying out in healing from their pain, trauma, and countless forms of suffering. Hateful words being spewed from even the kindest presenting souls. Judgement, discrimination, pride, despair, anger, greed, closed hearts- all of those things that we run away from but can never escape because they are the parts of us that need love.

There’s been an emphasis on shadow work within the spiritual community. Some are very opposed to it and some revel in it finding a freedom that can be seductive yet addictive but that is a conversation for another time. Spending time in the underworld dying is not a choice. It’s not something you can schedule or decide to take a “trip” into. In our society that has trained us into neurotic beings determined to have control (through which we attempt to seek freedom) we may feel drawn to taking action to address our shadow so that we are “in control”. It is only once we travel down that path that it becomes oh so clear that we are far from in control in the way in which we understand these concepts of freedom and control. One may think that choosing to engage with their shadow will offer them control and freedom. It won’t. It will cause you to go to the depths of your being. Deeper and deeper until we come to the point where separation from the world around us disappears. Where we see the connection between all the things that we have been, are, and will be.

The pain that you are experiencing, this nightmare that it seems we are encountering that is couched in darkness trying to hide the light as if they are not one, it is a stepping stone. It is not the end nor was it your beginning. There is no separation from the light and dark. As you heal you shift that energy into something different. Expanded past more than what it was when it was perceived as separate. There is power in that shift.

So yes cry, stay in bed, build a pillow fort, seek counseling or therapy, rage on against the atrocities bestowed upon you, embrace the joy that you can find, revel in the love that is all around you. Find your ways to heal and survive. Because it is only after you have been strung up upon the meat hook do you awaken to new life and way of being. So peel back your layers until there’s nothing left. Gather the soil of what you would like to refashion yourself to be, whole, and integrated (for now). Come back to us here in this space. We love you and need you.

But of most importance…do not be afraid to write a new story. The myths we know are crying out in the same manner demanding to be reborn. What is the new story? Tell it. Shout it. Even if it seems no one is listening because the soul hears all. I will share with you all one of the new myths that has come to light for me by the new moon. I hope that I will see more and more come forth.

With love,