28 Days of Love: Wisdom of the Serpent

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Greetings beloveds,

Today we’re going to take one final look at the physical by speaking about Kundalini energy. Kundalini is one path of Indian practice of yoga where one uses particular movements, sounds, and postures to activate the life energy. That life energy which is located in the base of the spine is known as Kundalini (Shakti). Within all of us lies the energy of creation. This energy flows according to the lies of the universe with both masculine/feminine and giving/receiving. Again, do not let your preconceived notions of masculine/feminine limit your perceptions of the possibilities related to these terms. Masculine energy is not inherently tied to the male body or form just as feminine energy is not automatically held within the female body or form. We hold both energies within us. It is about balance.

Also known as the serpent due to the way that the energy is thought to wind up the spinal column through the main chakras, Kundalini awakening has been associated with longevity, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and energetic balancing. An energy of movement and growth, there are several ways in which one may activate the kundalini. These ways include breath work, meditation, and movement. The energy that rises up through the chakra’s integrate not only the chakras but all of the energetic bodies as well allowing for information that may not have been able to be understood before to be accessible. Again, why this awakening is related to the serpent as serpents and snakes are known to symbolize wisdom and sacred knowledge. Eels are also related with the kundalini and masculine energy.

Regardless of your gender or sex, kundalini can be activated. There are those who do not find this activation to be pleasant. It can be shocking to feel all of your energies brought together and to have access to so much more sensory input. Many find themselves feeling physically sick from the amount of energy being transmuted. It is with caution that I bring the topic pf energy activation to this blog, but as it can be so closely tied to the physical it only made sense to discuss kundalini energy. I will not share how to to activate this energy but I will say that this can be done spontaneously through a steady practice, one’s energetic path, or during intense sexual experiences. The building up of energy during an orgasm operates in the same way as building up energy for awakening, manifestation and growth. Although we may equate an orgasm with ejaculation and physical movement that is not always the case. Through the use of meditation and breath work one can move their energy in the same way as a sexual orgasm. Getting in touch with your energy of creation is a powerful tool that can assist you with aligning not only with your own higher being but with your ability to manifest all of your desires.

I hope that if you found this very lite introduction to kundalini to be interesting. If so please seek to learn more about this energy on your own in safe practices from reputable sources.

With love,




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