Spring Equinox 2018 Love Reading: Love in a Time of Union and Chaos

Spring Love

Greetings beloveds,

This spring we are all about love. So what’s the deal? We are choosing love over hate and ignorance. If you are in a situation whether romantic, platonic, or otherwise try to stay in a space where you feel loved and safe. The foundation we create now will affect what we harvest in the fall and winter. So what do you want growing in your fields? Bitterness, envy, regret? Oh no we are planting seeds of love, care, balance and healing. Choose love each time you are offered, always for your highest good.


Take your time this April. There is more to the situation than what you are aware of. While you are healing, others are healing. When we heal, this sometimes causes us to act out of character. That behavior while not excusable, may be out of the norm. Take a moment to examine the situation within context putting your own safety as the top priority. If needed seek an external source to provide you with insight into the situation. Divination tools, counselors, and others are available to help you see what is really happening within your heart and that of others. Do not let yourself be abused because you believe you must put up with anything less than the best. Take that time with yourself. You are love. You are peace. You deserve the best.


There is a special union taking place within a romance, friendship, family, or with yourself. It is a blessed union because you have taken the time to let your heart be free and open to accepting yourself. Now, you will join with others or completely be with yourself. Let your heart be filled with joy.


Just as in our general energy reading we are entering a difficult or confusing time our hearts are experiencing the same energy. You are powerful beloved! You are working through your issues, integrating your shadow and finding internal/external union. This is not something that someone who is weak could do. You are stronger than you think but you must believe that. Sometimes this means releasing or cutting those who are draining you out of your life. You may need to speak clearly and directly from the heart. Or perhaps you need time to go within and let the inner powerhouse take the lead. This is a great time to work on your solar plexus chakra and connect this with your heart chakra. Find your power space and let this fill you giving you strength to move beyond this time.


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