Spring 2018 Polarity Reading: The Divine Rises as the Masculine Descends

Spring Polarity

Greetings beloveds,

Overall this spring, a time of rebirth is upon us. We are rising from the underworld and the feminine is in her prime having integrated her shadow over the winter. Although the astrological new year is upon us this does not mean that we have cut ourselves off from the wisdom of our intuition. That is the importance of bringing our polar energy into. In April, we will return to the wisdom of the waters through conchomancy. To read more about this form of divination with seashells check out this post here. If you are not near a body of water where you can find shells you can buy seashells from local craft stores. May suggests that we will need our knowledge of divination systems because things are not what they seem. We may feel stagnant or confused but if we are willing to be open to ways of knowing beyond traditional means we can gain some insight into what is going on. Gather more information and be patient. Sometimes it is best to be in he dark so that you do not interfere with the divine order. Lastly, June strengthens our connection with the feminine through the energy of Aphrodite. Find symbols such as the shells used in your conchomancy, pearls, roses, water, and items that are light pink and blue. If you do not have an area of your home devoted to Venus, Aphrodite, Oschun, or your preferred Goddess of love or sweetness then this would be a great time to do this. You may want to research creating ritual around Goddesses of love and sexuality. What connects or creates a barrier to your connection to this energy? Explore it because June brings us to a time of Venusian power. If you do not know how to best interact with this energy you will be swept away by it. Finding yourself possibly in the company of those who have mastered this energy. They will be charming, delicious, practically irresistible, self-centered, self-righteous, obsessive and jealous. Venus is the both the shadow and light side of all types of partnership whether romantic, platonic, business, or otherwise.


Our masculine energy is experiencing a time of continued self-reflection. In Inanna’s journey through the underworld, she must find a replacement for her in the underworld to maintain her freedom. She first meets her handmaiden Ninshubur who she spares as she faithfully assisted Inanna in being rebirthed. Inanna then comes across her two sons who are both in deep mourning of their lost mother. Lastly, she comes comes upon her husband Dumuzi who has taken on the role of King with a gusto, seemingly not expressing despair for the loss of his queen. Inanna, then lets the Galla demons take him as her replacement. There is more to the story but you can read about that here. From this perspective, the masculine’s time in the underworld is during the spring and summer. In Persephone’s tale she leaves Hades, God of the Underworld, every spring to bring life back to the world. Osiris experiences a convoluted journey before taking his place as the Ruler of the Underworld indicating that his time in the conscious realm is limited as it is not his space of power. The masculine finds it’s power in spaces of reflection. As the masculine moves into the underworld let that energy find it’s peace. In April, there will be many signs which will guide you to the right path. The month of May continues to support us as we look to fulfill our life purpose. Lastly, as we are moving towards the steamy energy of spring’s fire as it meets summer’s water, what are you willing to sacrifice to move beyond your current state? As the feminine finds herself hung upon the meat hook in the underworld, the masculine is sacrificed to be reborn anew in the primordial waters of the divine mother come summer.



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