Full Moon in Scorpio: Embrace the Transformation

Full Moon In Scorpio

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you are all well. I know that there is A LOT going on right now energetically that could be affecting your equilibrium right now. On April 14th we had Jupiter sextile Pluto which held our hand as we moved to do incredible things. To move ourselves closer to our dreams. The 17th saw Chiron enter Aries while Saturn goes retrograde. We are healing our relationship to ourselves and how we interact with each other. This is highlighted by the sun moving into Taurus on the 19th who is called us to awareness of the beauty of our foundation and “home”. If we expand the definition of home to include our mind, hearts, spirit, and body, then home becomes something that we always have access to. Let us find the beauty in that space. April 17th also is the start of retrograde season! I wrote about the planets in retrograde that you can read about here. On the 19th Pluto in Capricorn joins Saturn in Scorpio in retrograde. This is an intense time of healing in so many ways.

One of the first areas that we will experience healing is in our heart space. With the planets in retrograde, sun in Taurus, and full moon in Scorpio we are deep within our feeling spaces. Strong beautiful moments when we are fully open and aware. This might feel painful because we are clearing out the experiences that have anchored us to our past. These experiences will range from ecstatic love to deep trauma.  Take a tip from Scorpio and find a space where you feel safe and secure. Perhaps a dark quiet place that is very comfortable.

As we are in the depths of our psyche and the underworld with Scorpio, Saturn, and Pluto this is a great time to tap into the wisdom of the deepest parts of the ocean.


Time to develop our own form of trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) the molecule that helps proteins work at high pressure. The animals that survive in the depths of this region survive off the remains of those that float down after their death. What have you released over the past few months? Release their remains so that you can transform.

Optional Supplies:

Water, tea, or red drink of your choice. Pick something that makes you feel warm and powerful (ex: cinnamon, fig, mulberry, rose, mugwort, and lavender –  Click here for a list of cleansing herbs/foods).

a candle that is red, orange, yellow, or your personal power color


Dress your candle if you would like to increase the power of this intention.

Take 3 deep breaths and see yourself moving through fog towards a lake. See the small boat tied to the edge of the lake with a single lantern hanging from it’s bow. Enter the boat and as you sit, it moves on its’ own disappearing into the mist. You feel no fear, only resolve to complete your journey.

The boat stops in the middle of the lake. You look around you unsure of what is next. There is a gentle splash near you. You turn towards the sound and a figure beneath the surface. You watch it swim under the water, curious. Slowly, the rather large being stops beneath your boat.

Slowly from the depths an object rises facing you. With a calm demeanor deep eyes stare into yours and find yourself facing an ancient being of a time long forgotten. It is the water dragon. A creator that has existed in your soul forever. You close your eyes not quite believing what you are seeing. The dragon moves closer to you and you reach out. Your hand tentatively reaches out touching the rough wet scales. The dragon nudges your hand closing its’ eyes. You do the same feeling a spark arise.

You are transported to a cave. What color do you see? Is it light or dark? The dragon is wrapped around an egg of light and you step forward. The dragon rises to meet you. You reach for the egg and to your surprise it dissolves into your hands with a bright flash of light.

Once upon a time, you were different. Another being who lived a life that you do not recognize. There were friends, family, situations that you encountered during that time that you released so that you could cross the lake and take this journey. The person you used to be has been transformed, reborn. What was left has now been repurposed, transformed.

Take three deep breaths. What do you see around you? What does that cave look like now? Is there anyone there? Take note of your space.

The light slowly dims and you find yourself back on the boat. The dragon nudges your hand giving you its blessing. As it moves back under the water you hear a word whispered in your mind. It is the name of the dragon. You may use this to call the energy of transformation to you whenever you may need its guidance or support. The water dragon is one of your greatest allies. It holds the wisdom of the depths beyond the light.

Hold your candle in your left hand and transfer some of the energy you absorbed from the egg. When you feel ready light the candle.

Now place your hand over your drink. Again, send some of the energy from the egg to the drink. Feel it being empowered by your will to adapt and thrive. When you ready consume your drink. Take that energy into yourself with purpose. You are a complete whole being who THRIVES in all spaces including the depths of the sea/soul. Embrace it. Feel it. Know it.

Finish this ritual with a bath or shower. Cleanse your body of what was so that you have fully engage with what you have become.


Happy Full Moon!!



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