Goddesses of Life and Death: Kali Speaks

IMG_5514ilfordmodifiedGreetings beloveds,

Been feeling off balance? Like the world is crashing around you, out of control, as if the world is just against you? You’re are definitely not alone. While there is a lot going on astrologically, Kali has come forth to speak loudly. 2017 was a year of releasing, which is easier said than done. Now, we are in a space where those lessons are coming back around for us. Through our family’s, friends, work, passion, purpose, self/shadow.

Kali, brought a dance of life and fire to get us off our butts and doing the work. She also lit the fires of attachment and the power to see our realities for what they are. We are being fully authentic. Feeling and expressing who we are in the best of times and the worst. All of who we are. There’s no shame, no fear, no holding back. Let it be free! Authentic.

Set your boundaries, if anyone does not respect them let them be removed from your presence. You’re worth the very best.

When we try to squash down our true feelings eventually they will explode. Wreaking havoc on everything in their paths. Whether that’s your internal self or those around you.

Kali says let what needs to be released go and dance wildly, with joyful abandon.

I love you all!!

Kamilah Rose

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