Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Aquarius: Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit

Blog- Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit

Greetings beloveds!

Ohh we have been going through it haven’t we? You caught up in some drama? Folks with your name in their mouth, creditors coming out of no where, ex-partners all up in your DM’s, parents acting like they still pay your bills? Oh yes, welcome to the Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aquarius. Luckily Leo season is upon us and we are moving out of the shady Cancer energy into the light. First, all those roaches that came out during that Cancer energy need to get dealt with. The light of the sun will make it easy to see everyone for who they are. Yes some folks became butterfly’s but others are just slime.

Now this might feel like an emergency. A mental, emotional, psychological, energetic, or even physical emergency. In Public Health, we utilize Emergency Preparedness practices to make sure that when things go south we are prepared. As a part of that we have an emergency kit. I encourage you to create your own emergency kit to ease your mind during these trying times.

Since we specialize in the spiritual here I have created an Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit List and Elixir for this Full Moon. So gather your supplies, take care of yourselves and remember – put on your oxygen mask first.

Emergency Spiritual Preparedness Kit Extended Guide

  • Sacred/Blessed Water – Whether you use rose, holy, moon, water from a sacred site or water that you’ve blessed yourself, keep some sacred water on deck.
  • Offering – food, incense, water, item or crystal
  • Candle or other form of fire
  • Crystal Support Kit – Rose Quartz (heart), Clear Quartz (clearing), Smoky or Black Tourmaline (protection), labradorite or lapis lazuli (spirit), and your power crystal.
  • Bell or chime
  • Ritual Feather or Fan
  • Ritual Oil
  • Vinegar for banishing
  • Honey, Maple Syrup or other Syrup (sweetener/attraction)
  • Journal
  • Sacred Texts or books
  • Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, Black Salt (clearing)

We got this!

-Kamilah Rose


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