August Planetary Placements

Greetings beloveds!

Here’s your August Astrology.

Aug 6 Venus enters Libra

Venus returns home to the sign of Libra in the 7th house today until September 9th (the new moon in Virgo). This is a significant event as 6 is the number associated with Venus and Libra. I have two recommendations for today depending on where you are in your path. One way to take advantage of this energy is to practice a very nourishing form of self-care. By this I mean what is your secret guilty pleasure? Binge watching The Barefoot Contessa? Calling in sick to work to sleep in? Whatever you do that brings you the greatest pleasure, do that today with an energy of appreciation and thanks. This will greatly begin the shift of your energy over the next three days. If you have been focusing on manifesting your purpose,

Aug 7 Uranus in Taurus in Retrograde (Mercury in Leo, Pluto/ Saturn in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Mars in Aquarius, and Chiron in Aries are in retrograde).

Our 7th planet has entered into retrograde today. Uranus in Taurus in the 12th house is now in retrograde signaling the beginning of a revolution of perspective. Think Alice in Wonderland’s Cheshire Cat “Can you stand on your head?”. How open are you to change? Today is a beautiful day to break from convention and take that chance that you’ve been working towards. As this is a time of retrograde, if the pieces aren’t already in place then today is the day to write the plan, do the research, and receive insight from the Universe so you can follow your dreams. Be open. The world is waiting for you.

Aug 11 New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo

I’ll have a review for this energy up in a few days.

Aug 12 Mars Retrograde enters Capricorn

The Mars retrograde gets grounded in the soothing energy of Capricorn today. From the unpredictable energy of Aquarius we find ourselves being a bit more…petty. Capricorns enjoy activity that is logical, entertaining, and contributes to their long term goals. Now that you’ve been able to understand how you feel it’s time to do something about it.

Aug 19 Mercury Goes Direct and Jupiter trine Neptune

Whoop whoop Mercury is direct today! All that work that we’ve done on the 6th, 7th, and 8th are ready to be put into action. With support from Jupiter trine Neptune we get intense support to manifesting our dreams through the use of Mars retrograde in Capricorn. My one piece of advice? MOVE SLOW. Make sure that you are really putting in the work to create well developed plans. Also be true to yourself. With all the retrograde energies in Capricorn if you are not being honest this will come back to bite you as we move into the fall.

Aug 23 Sun enters Virgo

FINALLY, all of that energy you wanted to put into being hypercritical and nitpick at yourself and everyone else can come out to play. It’s gleaning season. Time to review what you have planted since March to see what is worth being kept and what needs to go in the compost bin. If you have some type A or Earth sign friends this is their time to shine. Have a real conversation with them (you may have to pay them…Earth signs don’t play with their money) about what you’ve been working on and what your long term goals are. They will help you to see clearly what is and is not working. From there you can put your energy towards what actually serves you. This will help you make progress towards meeting your goals. This is the season of discernment. Don’t worry you’ll weigh it all out in a month as we balance out our doing and resting energy.

Aug 25 Jupiter sequiquadrate Chiron

Aug 26 Full Moon in Pisces

Check back soon for the Full Moon in Pisces reading.

Aug 27 Mars goes Direct

Our second planet to go direct this month. Mercury started off the end of retrograde season shifting our energy from reflection to movement. Mars direct allows us to start making moves on what was reviewed when Mars retrograde moved into Capricorn. The seeds have been planted and Capricorn is here to help us push through the inertia of fear towards the satisfaction of productivity. Take advantage of this when you can because as we move into fall you’ll be feeling the chill vibes as we slow down for the feminine’s trip into the underworld.


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