Putting Up a Front: Setting and Maintaining Boundaries

During my research of the water element,on the NOAA website I read over the definition of a hurricane which is a tropical cyclone with organized thunderstorms but no fronts. A typhoon, likewise, is a tropical cyclone that originates in the Indian or western Pacific ocean.

tropical depression tropical storm hurricane

surface winds <39 >39 <74

Hurricane season is from June 1st through November 31st (ushering in summer and closing out fall). I then went on to read the definition of a front which is “a boundary separating two air masses of different densities”(NOAA). This immediately resonated with the saying ‘putting up a front’. It therefore seems appropriate to explore how two elements, which seem to have no boundaries, come together to create definition.

We all have many different aspects of our self. Although we may have an affinity for particular activities, behaviors, and perceptions these vary as our lives go on. You may have been a very firey child and now you are a bit more mellow or grounded. Or perhaps you were stubborn and needed a lot of structure and now you are more open to new ideas or ways of doing things. We can all utilize the various benefits of each element.

First, knowing your primary element is helpful. One way to find this is to check your astrology chart and see which element you have the most of. You may find that this does not align with how you perceive yourself to be and that is perfectly O.K. Simply go with what feels right. For example. I have a predominance of fire energy in my chart followed by water, air, and then one earth sign. Yet, I find that I shift between fire, water, and air. These make up my primary signs of a Pisces rising (water), Libra sun (air), and Leo moon (fire). Therefore a blend of these combinations works well for me.

What does that look like? When needed taking a light intellectual, philosophical, or spiritual approach provides more fuel to a dwindling interest in projects, physical activities, or will driven activities.

Similarly, when I am feeling emotionally, mentally, physically, or psychologically drained I can put up an energetic boundary or front which will help to filter or separate lower energies from my field. If we equate density to energy those that have a lower density or energy would not mix with the lighter or higher energies. This allows you time to heal, blend where needed and from a distance see where the other person is coming from without as much risk of taking on the denser energy. If you are the person with denser energy this is a great time to spend with your self balancing out. As the energies move towards balance then the front begins to dissolve.

What is your primary element? How can you use an energetic front for self exploration and creating boundaries?

With love,

Kamilah Rose


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