New Moon in Libra: The Beauty of Justice

Cardinal energy is strong this new moon! Sun, moon, mercury, and venus in Libra in the 9th and 10th houses. This is a time of balance, justice, contractual obligations, and examining our binding agreements. Libra is ruled by Venus a planet which holds the polarity of love. From jealousy, envy, eros, romantic, friendship, family, divinity and even the love we have for our pets, planet, physical belongings, and self; Libra covers our full range of energetic connections.  

The sun in Libra is a gracious charming energy that balances our hearts and minds through just its presence. The Libra moon is soft and desires nothing more than to create a space where one can access their inner beauty and strength. Mercury in Libra is quick witted, smart and endlessly entertaining. Lastly, Venus is home. She stands tall with her scales in hand. Proud, sure, and prepared for anything that comes her way. She is the embodiment of power through grace. Beauty is not weakness. Kindness is not weakness. Justice carries a might sword. Be mindful of where it lands as it always makes its mark.

 Libra stands facing its cardinal partner Capricorn. Where Saturn and Pluto bring order to our world through facing our shadow, Libra brings collective support through cosmic law. There cannot be light without dark, peace without conflict, beauty without disease, joy without stress. It is a balance that Libra holds securely. Where the scales shift precariously from sign to sign, this new moon, Libra takes them into her grasp. She will not them move without reason. Saturn in Capricorn attempts to force us into compliance through strategy and procedure. Pluto in Capricorn exposes our shadows around our power and purpose.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, do not fear. Take the Libran approach, bolstered by Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, face what causes your fear. Do not turn away or be afraid. Look in the mirror and repeat to yourself, “I am beauty. I am power. I am transformative. I am worthy.” This is the truth of the Libra new moon. To turn away from the glare of the sun towards the truth of the night. Enter the gates of the underworld and find the path back to balance.

How? Through your natural talents and strengths. Taurus in Uranus has been calling us to know that who we are is worthy of praise, wealth, and support. What is it that makes your heart sing? What is it you could do with your hands tied and your eyes closed using instinct alone? That is where you will find the peace of a balanced scale. Libra knows that they have worth. They know that it is inherent. It has nothing to do with what they do for money, recreation, or others. They are worthy just because they exist.

You are worthy just because you exist.

Those that tread against you in that truth will see their day in front of Lady Justice and they will reap what they sow.

The Sword has Spoken.

-Kamilah Rose


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