Gods of Life and Death: Osiris


Greetings beloveds,

All things are in balance and with the feminine Gods of Life and Death, we have the masculine Gods of Life and Death. These Gods have been brought into our world to provide the masculine energetic journey from birth, life, and death to resurrection.

We start with Osiris, the brother and husband of Auset (Isis). He is the ruler of the underworld, death, and completion. From death comes life and the return of balance through their son Horus.

Here are links to learn more about this powerful masculine God of Life and Death.

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The Masculine’s Descent into the Underworld


Greetings beloveds,

As I was writing the Polarity reading for the masculine and feminine energy for the Spring Equinox, it occurred to me that repeatedly the spring equinox was approximately the time when the divine masculine began its descent into the underworld. Easter falls on the first Sunday following the ecclesiastical full moon after the spring equinox signaling Jesus’s resurrection. In Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld, it is upon her return that Dumuzi is sent in place so that she may be free. Persephone returns from the Underworld at the Spring Equinox leaving her husband Hades to rule the underworld alone until she returns. Isis travels far and wide to rebirth Osirus after he descends to rule the underworld as is his destiny. In each of these cases the feminine returns to the living world while the masculine either trades places with her, exists in an in between space, or remains in the underworld as it’s sole ruler in the feminine’s absence.

As we begin Spring 2018, I plan to observe the seasons for signs of the masculine in the underworld as well as his role here on this plane. It is an entirely new way of viewing this season. As I continue to grow in my spiritual practice, I know that more and more of the world of the dark God and Goddess will be revealed to me. As the divine feminine integrates her darker aspects during the fall and winter, so shall the divine masculine in the spring and summer.



Gods of Life and Death: The Green Men

The Green Men

Greetings beloveds,

What is life without balance? Last year we introduced the Goddesses of Life and Death to prepare us for our journey with them through 2018. Now it is time to introduce the masculine with the Gods of Life and Death: The Green Men. Throughout time there have been myths of Green Men who carry the energy of death and rebirth. They are the masculine part of the gender and polarity Universal Laws. This is not a matter of one being incomplete without the other but of complimenting each other.

Here we find the balance. The ability to bring light and darkness from a separate space into unity through the masculine. At this time, there’s been a reckoning to balance masculine energy. We are all being called to stand up and balance our energy.

Welcome to the Gods of Life and Death