Glamour: Scorpian Alchemy

Hello lovies,

Let’s talk glamour and beauty. On the surface Scorpio glamour capitalizes on the social mores placed on sexuality and the sensual. Sexuality is everywhere in Western society and yet, it is shunned. Pushed to the fringes to be consumed in the dark through a lens of shame and judgement – distorted. Mass media is filled with images that can be interpreted in a sexual manner, yet the topic of sex is still taboo in public discourse. This suppresses our expression of our emotional and physical desires. Desires only to be explored in whispers or through the approved channels.

Why? Sex is not inherently frightening. It is what sex can represent. A chance to remove all pretense of persona and to just be with another. To be truly seen and vulnerable. It is a act which holds great power which can be harnessed in different ways. It is the next step of the evolution from Libra to Scorpio. Libra brings us balance with harmony through intimacy. A social process. Scorpio removes the boundaries of the physical to expose the heart. It is here that we can fully connect with the other. Emotional vulnerability.

Defenseless. we move to be a part of something more than ourselves. We are naked, unprotected. Here we are exposed to the truth of our weakness. That all of our big defenses created through the ego cannot save us in the end. We cannot escape the truth of the inevitability of death. So we play as close to it as possible. Experiencing the freedom, release, and tinge of fear from meeting the divine in each other and ourselves well before our time. Here, we find the sweetness of love, pleasure, and hope. Here, we realize that the end is only the beginning.

Scorpio’s truest glamour is to embody their sexuality fully and without fear.

To embrace that sexuality and sensuality are not confined by the physical. There is Scorpion glamour in all forms.

To magnetize the power of their feelings to manifest their desires.

Embracing the reality of one’s mortality may trigger the life and death instinct in others. It attracts them to us while also repelling them. This is an aspect of Plutonian energy, the modern ruler of Scorpio. The key is the unknown. We long to understand it. To conquer it. To be embraced by it. That is the energy of Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

Scorpio becomes this trigger. This key. This power. Learn to see the heart of others through the veil of darkness by accepting your sexual nature and you will have mastered the art of Scorpian glamour.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

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