Freedom Comes at a Price: Releasing Our False Selves

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Greetings loves,

We are moving from the depths of our being to the freedom that comes from when we truly know who we are as we transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius astrologically. While Scorpio rules over the 8th house which is centered on our position to and experiences with love, sex, taxes, debt, and death. Right, most of the topics that folks would rather not discuss in public and even then these are difficult subjects to broach. This year, a 9 year which I discuss here, brought to the forefront that now is the time for us to go into the basement and take a good long look at what all we have been carrying around that needs to be faced.

Right now we are going through a universal winter. It seems that Game of Thrones may have been wiser then we all thought with their catchphrase of “winter is coming”. We are facing the shadow head on whether we are ready to or not. The results of which will lead to empowerment or delusion. We will all travel to the depths of the underworld but whether we all return is another story. Some of us are meant to stay in this space and others not. It will depend on the choices that we make at this time. Will you cling to your false light hoping that it will be enough to see you through or will you embrace your whole self both light and dark releasing duality and embracing polarity?

There are some of us who are the Dark Goddess and have been for quite some time. I have noted that these folks are feeling this shift the hardest. Going through the birthing pangs as Ereshkigal writhing alone and in the dark. Facing those who are saying “it’s not that bad” or “give it a chance let’s see how things go”. We know though that that only prolongs the process. It is only through BECOMING the  Dark Goddess and seeing her for who she truly is the Goddess of creation and rebirth, that we are able to live again. She is literally attempting to birth us into a new world at this time. So are you silencing her? Attempting to persuade her that her pain is not real? Or are you standing with her and seeing the truth of this moment?

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We all have a role to play so we must accept where folks are while continuing to share information and ensure the safety of everyone around us both near and far. Know that although you may feel as if you are strung up on the meat hook at this time that I see you both Goddess of heaven and earth/death. Your pain is not in vain. The tides will turn and you will rise with a fierceness of which they have never seen. You will find those who rejoice in your apparent loss of life and they will take your place hopefully to learn the lessons of the acceptance which must occur.

Wisdom will come from this crisis of faith. Quite a few of us are questioning everything. Our beliefs, our magic, our faith and trust in humanity. It’s the tricks of the times. Come back to center, feel your way through. Wisdom can come through sacrifice and suffering. The wisest have often gone through the most. Use this time to gather your resources, reserve your energy, and nourish your community. When the transition comes we will be needed. I felt this strongly about a week ago that when others awaken and come up from the underworld they will be looking for ways to act. This is already happening.

Take some time to yourself.  As I said to one of my loves recently, you’re no good to anyone if you’re not taking care of yourself.

I love you all,


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