Reflections: Embracing My Power- Thoughts from March


Greetings beloveds,

Well April is upon us and I have been itching to reflect upon the happenings of March. March has been so magical! The blossoms, the rain, the clarification, the magic. It feels like I couldn’t have planned a better March if I tried. I have found some peace this month. Such trust in the universe to support me and provide me with my desires.

I started this month with a fast. It was supposed to go for most of the month with me switching from juices to smoothies throughout the month. Around the 5th day I began to feel a bit strange. When I was younger I used to get nose bleeds all the time when I would overheat or while I was sleeping at night. Well on the 5th day while I took a walk in the park my nose started bleeding and I knew it was time to have some solids. Now, I’m not hear to talk about fasting but more so about what I learned from the experience and the power of intention. See the fast was to help me to be open to receiving clarity from my inner being and Spirit on my business, home, and romantic partner. I had created the vision boards, done the tarot and oracle card readings, and spoken with all my friends. I just wanted that certainty. I had some clarity in these areas but I wanted to feel sure.


Well let me tell you, the power of intention is everything. I asked for the guidance and I got it! It wasn’t the fasting that was going to bring the clarity it was the energy put into asking for the clarity. The Universe is always delivering to us what we desire and ask for. Our only task is to be open to following the flow and receiving the guidance when it comes. I’ve spoken on the law of action in the last 12 Universal Laws post. Getting ready for the manifestation to come forth is just as important as taking action when it’s time to create what we desire. Fasting was the action that set forth the energy for clarity to come forth. It was the action that prepared me to be at the right vibration for receiving.

The art of receiving is about more then just being open or in the feminine. It’s about knowing yourself and how to get into that space. Fasting may never work for you. A vision board might be best put in the recycling bin for others. It all depends and it’s all acceptable as long as it gets your energy where it needs to be so you can receive whatever it is you desire. There’s a limitless amount of choices that can bring you to that space. Do what works best for you. When you do, there’s a super easy way to test it. See if you get in that high flying space. If not then do something else.

So here’s what I found. I put out the energy to buy a house. Found a realtor super easy through an open house. Sent in all the paperwork I needed for a loan. Got approved. Found out I need a bit more to make the down payment/closing costs. Set out an intention to bring in more money. I’ll share more about that soon. Even more important than all that I know exactly the home that I want. I’m super clear and because of that I feel no pressure to settle or rush. When the home comes up I’ll be ready. This much I know.

As for my business, oh the inspiration has been flowing! I have been writing up a storm for the Bliss Institute as you shall see. I’ve created the entire spring and summer blog post schedule, picked a new divination project for summer, and have new head shots coming in April. I’m so excited for what will be coming particularly in June with the summer solstice but there’ll be more on that soon as well. I’m creatively thriving and feeling inspired. It feels amazing. Not overwhelming or frightening at all. I’m ready. My overall energy reading for myself this spring is Expansiveness. It’s time for me to grow. I want to grow. I’m ready to expand and here it is. I’m going to embrace that change with no fear.

Then there’s the romantic partner. Ohhh I’ve spoken about my desires, fears, growth and lessons I’ve learned in this area for quite some time. Let me tell you, I feel this is the most secure, clear, and joyful I’ve felt about romantic love in a long time. Here’s what I found. I get exactly what I ask for in love. When I’m spending time with the person I like and I get that inspiration to create/write I ask for time to do so. Then my person get’s busy so I have plenty of time to create/write. I’m pretty sure you know what happens next, I ask to get to spend time with my person. I’m getting exactly what I ask for. So yesterday as I walked I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I finally figured that out. I know, I know, you’ve already figured this out but hey sometimes it takes me a minute. Since I’m very aware that the universe delivers to me exactly what I ask for, now I’m being quite clear in what I put out there. Here’s my new energetic request. A space where my partner and I flow. We spend wonderful quality time together watching movies, reading, dining or just hanging out. Then inspiration hits and we’ll go create. I’ll write or take photos at my desk, on the couch or outside and he’ll do his thing where ever he feels called. Then we’ll come back together for more quality time for dinner or a movie. We flow in this space of togetherness. Quality time and creation. The crux of this will be that we are in alignment with the universe. We work on our vibrations so that when we are together we flow. No guilt, no fear, no hesitance. Just comfort and joy. That’s my new intention. That’s what request I’m sending out. That’s my new norm.


I get giddy just thinking about it! The best part is this hinges on me! It’s up to me to create this space and put the vibration out there to come forth. It’s the best feeling in the world. What’s even better… I know it will happen because it’s what’s been happening. Ohh that’s powerful but exciting. So here goes towards aligning with myself, with spirit, and working only on staying in that alignment and clear.

I’m facing the shadow in way I hadn’t before. I’m being authentic in a way I haven’t before. It’s time and I’m ready.

So here’s to a new season and a new month.

With love,


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