New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Greetings beloveds, January’s full moon in Leo was tough. The moon came in tearing down what you thought could have been and bringing you to what really is. Now you are being called to be love and whole. In a month where our focus is drawn to romantic love due to a capitalist push for … Continue reading New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Winter Solstice 2017: Polarity Reading

Greetings beloveds, We have explored the general and love energy of this season, we now turn to the masculine and feminine to bring complete balance. The world right now is stark and barren. The sky is grey and we long or warmth and comfort. Yet, there is a beauty to the stillness and promise of … Continue reading Winter Solstice 2017: Polarity Reading


Greetings beloveds, As we should all do during our birthdays, I was doing internal work to determine what all I needed to nourish and what all I needed to release. I struggled for a bit. Internal work is never really easy although it is always worth it. I wanted to understand the core of what … Continue reading Trust

Autumn Witch

Greetings Beloveds, For those of us in the Northern hemisphere it is officially fall and even here in North Texas we are feeling the shift in the air. Days are getting longer and the sun rising later and later in the morning. It's a delightful time. Each season holds its own magic and powers. Here … Continue reading Autumn Witch

The Path

Compassion. Love Gently Kindness Peace Empathy Trust Faith These are the truths that I have aligned with which are bringing me to the path of fulfillment. I have found that focusing on these elements takes me closer and closer to finding divine joy. What are your truths? What do you align with? -Rose