April Writing Prompt

Good morning lovies, April brings us fully into the Aries/I AM energy. As the first Western zodiac sign, the beginning of a new season, and the representation of the Magician card we look at our WILL. What we are able to create through our desires, strength, and refusal to give up because we believe so … Continue reading April Writing Prompt

The Divination Toolkit-Tarot Series: The Magician

I The Magician A trickster, a sorcerer, or channel? A lone masculine figure stands behind a table.  The winding everlasting figure 8 above his head signaling infinity God, the divine, and spirit. A snake encircles his waist creating a loop of sacred divine knowledge. His right hand is raised towards the heavens drawing down universal … Continue reading The Divination Toolkit-Tarot Series: The Magician