Reflections: Initiation through Fire

Greetings beloveds,

I hope you all are being well care for, loved, and appreciated. We are getting closer to the eclipse and as we do we are seeing the world shift around us. It is time to choose which path you would like to take. Of love towards all or fear? When I speak of love I do not mean some ambiguous term but the active behavior, idea, emotion, energy which drives our world.

Today I went for a walk through the park. It had been raining off and on leaving the ground damp, the air humid, and the sky grey. I came upon a spider web visible only because of the droplets of water that glistened in the light. We are all connected by strings of energy that weave a web creating this world. This web is not something we can see everyday but now and then there’s a little rain which makes it visible. I walked on past the web leaving the spider in peace. It was not long before I came upon the first piece of trash on the ground. Then more and more. I went along picking up the larger pieces as I came upon them and putting them in the trash cans. My thoughts went back to the spider web and how we are all connected. Then I saw the trash on the ground steps away from a trash can. The cigarette butts that littered the parking lot mixed with fallen leaves and I knew. I knew that just as others had treated the land as their trashcan, we treat ourselves like trash, we treat each other like trash. It’s all tied together. The carelessness in which we treat the world around us is indicative of how we treat each other all based on a lie. The lie of scarcity.

A scarcity mindset sells us the lie that there is not enough love, time, space, food, cars, money, homes, land, water, or life for everyone to be able to thrive. We then are pitted against each other to try to survive because we THINK there is not enough and if one person has something then it is possible that we will not be able to have that thing because there’s only so much to go around. So we begin to view everything as something that can be divided up and owned. Then people are able to be divided up and owned. Then our own time and talents are able to be divided up, sold, and owned by another. This lie of scarcity fuels all the isms. It drives wedges between us pitting us against each other. Can you see the web? Do you see how these all connect?

Today, make the decision to change the design. Create a new web based on abundance, compassion, mindfulness, and empathy. Treat yourself well. Treat each other well. Treat the planet and all of the millions of living beings that inhabit this world well. Then watch the energy shift.

This will not be an easy time. We are going through an initiation globally. It will be a time of death and rebirth through conflict. Here is an Eclipse reading I did to shed some light on the energy that is active during this time.


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