Autumn Equinox 2017 Love Reading: Alignment and Creation

Autumn Equinox Love ReadingSo, how’s the love life going? No, seriously how are your connections to yourself, your romantic partners, friends, family, and acquaintances? This season is filled with an energy of clear and rational thought leading our perspective of our feelings and experiences. Looking at the area of love we are reflecting on what has occurred in our connections. This seems to be a theme that has carried over from the Summer. There were a lot of shifts that occurred in relationships over the summer particularly before, during, and after the full solar eclipse.

Are you finding that you’ve been repeating patterns and situations? We all do so it is nothing to feel ashamed of or fearful of. I know I often become preoccupied with the question, “did I learn the lesson yet?” because I want to get past that pattern. Accepting that this is a circular energy and not a finite one, I know there’s always more to learn and deeper to go with the lesson. That it may take several times experiencing something to realize that what you thought the lesson was about was only the tip of the iceberg. This is an excellent season to reflect on where you were a year, 5 years, 10 years ago compared to where you are now. What occurred during that time? Did you expect it or did life shift in a way that you never imagined? Give thanks for what has been or do not, it’s your choice. There’s a beautiful quote from the oracle deck Universal Love that sums up this energy perfectly, “Everything turns golden with the passing of time. Like autumn leaves that fall to the ground filling the tapestry of our lives with beautiful colors,”. Let the things that have occurred support and teach you. Let what serves you remain and let the rest fall to the ground.


Spend time during the first third of autumn in meditation clearing, connecting, and filling your energy centers with light, love, and grounding. The energy of love can transcend the pain of what we have experienced or what we fear. To hold the frequency of love requires for us to be willing to open ourselves up to thoughts of what has been, what could have been, and what we desire. We are heading into the underworld so being confronted with what we are attached to that defines us is to be expected. To face these attachments is not the same as holding on to them. You can just observe them. After observing what comes up for you, then decide if you would like to keep this as is in your energy, release this from your energy, or transform it. Connecting to and clearing our energy centers assists us with aligning with our true self. When we are centered we are better able to discern between what fits with who we are and what does not. This allows us the opportunity to craft our spaces to fit us best.


Through connection and discernment, we find ourselves feeling motivated to purposefully unite our masculine and feminine energy. The theme of balance and reflection continues during this third of the season through the form of energetic union. The activation of kundalini energy coincides with the primordial energy of creation and illumination. Through practices which bring us into conversation with the divine or Spirit we awaken the possibility to change our perception of ourselves as separate to collective. The basis of Spirit leads us back to love.


We are firmly within the underworld at this point. All seems dark and then there is a spark of light. A calm stranger steps forth from the darkness and gestures for you to follow them. Without fear having cleared your energy and united into a full being within the collective with Spirit, you follow them. A short while later, not even a full minute, you look around realizing that the stranger has disappeared. Unsure of where you are, you glance around quickly to see if there is anyone or anything there. Your vision having adjusted to the strangers’ light, feels the complete void of darkness from their absence. Wait. Was that something? You try to focus more on the space where you thought you saw something. Yet the harder you look, the more obvious it becomes that you cannot see what was or is there with your physical eyes. You close your eyes, calm your breath, sink into your form and begin to feel what exists around you through your extrasensory abilities. Then it happens. There is a spark of light moving across the darkness forming a door. Eyes still closed, you move towards the light, trusting in the process. As soon as you reach that space, light floods the area and you raise your hands as if to block it out. The light dims slowly as you lower your arms opening your eyes to witness a room that embodies comfort and ambience. You have entered the 8th gate.

I have spoken a bit about the 8th gate as the space of creation within the underworld. It is a space that is unique specifically to your soul. No 8th gate space is exactly the same. All the work you have done over the past season has brought you here to have the opportunity to dream and decide what you would like to experience when you leave the underworld. This is the time when if there is something you would like to manifest, things are falling into alignment to assist you with taking this dream and making it into a reality. It is the trilogy of light that exists in the darkest time of the year.

I hope that these messages are helpful to you as we navigate the energies of fall. Meditate, pray, do whatever brings you closer to your higher power.

Here’s to designing our life through balance and alignment.



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