Autumn Equinox Energy Forecast: Harmony in Mind, Heart, Spirit, and Body

Autumn Equinox

Greetings beloveds, 

It’s a bit chilly you as you open the door to start your day. Children have returned to school and perhaps you or others you know have returned to their higher education studies. Cars are riding with the windows down. Patios are open and becoming you to come, eat, and relax at restaurants. The evenings grace us with cool breezes reminding us of warm drinks, cozy fires, and nourishing comfort foods. Oh yea and it’s officially pumpkin spice everything. Welcome to Autumn.

This is going to be a season of thoughtfulness. Metacognition, research, education, advances in technology and detail oriented analysis. Autumn crawls in shifting the energy towards stillness, turning us inwards. As Autumn is ruled by the element of air and the cardinal sign of Libra we find ourselves reflecting on balance, justice, beauty of our experiences and being. You can read more about the Autumn’s energy here. This season may come as a comfort for some after the deep emotional work and release that occurred over the summer. We will find ourselves taking a more detached and rational approach to our relationships, plans, and desires. This does not mean that we will become cold hearted but more so that we will process experiences through a different lens.

Now, we will be accessing our world through the perception of Lady Justice. As you know, her eyes are covered for she weighs the choices and works of this world based on intuition and her connection with Spirit. Has what occurred brought balance to myself, others, and our world? Are my plans and desires rooted in creating balance, beauty, and justice? If not, it is time to re-examine your goals and plans. We have entered an age of transparency and authenticity. If your works and ambitions will knowingly cause harm or pain they will not serve you well. Remember, Fall is not only about balance but justice. So be mindful of what you would like to create in the world. Justice will be served if not on this plane on another.


We start this season off still smarting from the burning away of relationships, illusions, and connections from the summer and eclipse. You may find your thoughts still preoccupied with a broken heart, rejection, insecurity, or grieving for the loss of what was. Many have experienced the loss of their jobs, cars, homes, family, friends, lovers, animal companions, and dreams. This mental masturbation should begin to quiet during October. As you begin to accept the new world that you exist in you will begin to operate from a more balanced place internally. What has been occurring over the past year has been a reconfiguration of the masculine. This is an energy that we all hold so we have all felt the pangs of healing. The masculine lay at the bottom of the ocean over the summer watching the shimmer of the sun against the water. Knowing that at some point they would shine again. Struggling to become a part of the depth of the waters as the salt cleansed wounds with a searing burn. Has our masculine risen? Time will tell.

Following the eclipse, the path was opened to drift into the sweetness of fresh waters. These waters provide a gentler healing where one can look around them and see how they might fit into this world. The energy of Libra soothes the critical Virgo energy as we now look at what CAN be done to achieve our goals and heal. October via Libra is a time for forward movement focused on the truth that self-care produces the means to achieve successful supporting external relationships. Our hearts were heavy this summer and it is time to balance the scales. What do you need to release to bring harmony? Do you need to work with your heart? Become your hearts friend? Or perhaps you need to let your heart have the entire bowl on one side of the scale and increase your weight of your thoughts by going deeper within your mind and connection with spirit.


Balancing our heart brings us to a space of divine healing. Spend the time of October 22-November 22 focused on your spiritual wellbeing and connection. Time spent in meditation, spiritual communion, prayer, and spiritually focused study will begin to remove the blocks within your energy that have restricted your ability to expand. It must be noted this may not be a pleasant experience. Think of when your leg has fallen asleep and you begin to slowly move it to get the blood flowing again. It’s prickly and tingling. A strange feeling that can be unpleasant but let’s you know unequivocally that you are alive. That is how this healing will feel. We have shifted into Scorpio season which is calling us into the underworld. The veils of the world are becoming thinner so that this spiritual work can be done with more ease. Release resistance to this process. Prepare for it. You know that the underworld is coming so get ready. This is one of the few times I can tell you, the underworld is not sneaking up on you. Death is standing right in front of you, letting you know my time is coming.

Think of this like the rip current. The advice when you encounter a rip current is to not fight the waves that are pulling you under and out to see. Swim parallel to the shore and try to conserve your energy. Go with the flow because you feel as if you are being pulled under when you are really being pulled out. You are being forced to expand at a rate that is faster than what we are used to. The water will toss and tumble you. This is not about what you want and there is no directing this event. You can only focus on yourself. Swim along what you are wanting to achieve. Eventually your feet will touch the bottom of the ocean. You’ll feel the steadiness of the land beneath your feet. Then you’ll be near enough to the shore, to moving out of the underworld, that you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The point? To wake you up. To make you remember the brilliance of this world. To know your power and purpose. To see the beauty in yourself and others. Our motto for the middle portion of Autumn is “just keep swimming”.


As Winter approaches, the days shorten and the sky darkens as we are pulled into the spirit world. We are nearing the season of death and rebirth. You have worked to balance your heart, establish a spiritual connection founded on healing, and now it is time to share your truth. This may be with close friends, your family, your social media circle, or the world. Regardless of whether you speak your truth to your animal friends or in a public announcement, speak. Embody your truth so that your very being expresses your story. Nonverbal communication will serve you just as much as audible speech. Dress yourself in a fashion that is aligned with your true self. Let the movement of your body be lead by your intuition. Perhaps taking a class on speaking, ballet, pole, or another form of physical expression through movement. These classes will assist you in finding motions that will meet this need. This will also be an excellent time to work on your throat chakra through sound and crystal healing modalities. I recently started working with the gong and singing bowls and they have changed every aspect of my practice. Toning, chanting, singing, even reading your own words aloud are additional forms of practice to take up at this time.

Well loves that’s our overview for Fall 2017. There will be a bit of work involved but it will be worth it. Here’s to meeting you all in the underworld at Winter’s Solstice.








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