Autumn Equinox Feminine and Masculine Energetic Readings: From Chaos comes Power- From Darkness comes Light

20170825_090827Greetings beloveds,

Fall will be a season of renewal through death. It is an old process that the Earth is well aware of but that modern society has pushed from its consciousness due to modern industry, technology, and agriculture. Psychologically, the need to go within and have time to reflect, release, and create still calls upon us. This fall, we find ourselves in deep reflection. This has been a year of great change, re-calibrating, and the universal reveal of the shadow. Issues such as racism, sexism, classism, judgement, shaming, fear mongering, scarcity mindset, and abuse tactics have reared their head this entire year forcing us to face what we may have previously been able to at best ignore. There are many choices available to us on how to interact with this energy. The wheel of fortune is resetting and we are nearing the point when the cycle will reach its start point. We have examined our patterns and now I hope that we are all able to utilize mechanisms that honor our own and each others sovereignty.

This fall take the injustices, the fears, the anger, the sadness all the feelings that you have experienced over the past year and let them bring you to a place of action guided by integrity and spirit. Find a space where you can unite with others to bring peace, love, and justice to the world around you. Ground yourself in energy that is geared towards sustainability, holistic health, and wellness. These will assist you as you turn to face your fear this season. There is a power in naming that which has control of us. Be wise about the attention or energy that you give to your fears. This could strengthen them. Instead, take time to find out the root of your fears and begin to dismantle them. This may need to be done under the supervision of a trained professional counselor or therapist. If you find yourself becoming overwhelmed immediately see out support from your community and professionals.


If your fear surrounds expansion, that you are not good enough, that you cannot succeed in making your dreams come true, this month will bring you opportunities to call your fears bluff. Why do you play small? Why do you not reach for the stars? Perhaps you are concerned with what others will think of your dreams or your passion. Or maybe you do not think that what you want to do will be “practical” enough to afford you to pay your bills and survive. Whatever your fears are October is the time to turn to them and laugh in their face. Not a mocking laugh but one of joy and ecstacy. Make your projects and passion fun. Fully embrace what makes them appealing to you. There is a reason that you were born. There is a reason that you feel called to follow your dreams. When you feel restricted remember what makes you feel free about this endeavor. What liberates you about your passion. Let that be what drives you. If all else fails, find songs, clothing, art, food, or some other form of entertainment that represents your desire and go full out with it. Dance all night, have elaborate dinners with yourself or your friends, head to the costume shop and dress as your favorite character. Live it up my loves. This is the month to find the joy in your dreams. Let your heart be your guide.


From the chaos will come love and then law. The world is continuing to be pulled a part. Everything is being put into alignment and that can look like chaos. It is time be honest about who you are, where you are, and what you want. Love must be accompanied be trust if not to create pain. Trust is built upon sharing intimacy, our truth, and our fears. Intimacy can be one of the things that we fear the most. Allowing another to see us for who we truly are. The survivor, the monster, the hypocrite, the liar, the adulterer, insecure, insane, neurotic, needy, demanding, or broken. All parts of who we may be that we do not want others to see. We want to appear as completely put together. Or at least holding things together well enough to not appear as out of control. We hide the chaos of our true selves under many layers of our more “positive” traits.

Or perhaps we do not hide our chaos. Perhaps we put it all out there. During this age of social media there are more channels than ever to share our truth with everyone. Sharing and integrating are very different things though. You may know someone who has no trouble letting you know all of their flaws and the hardships that they face. Yet it seems that they remain in these cycles over and over. You wonder how? Are we not to face and speak our truth? We can acknowledge something or pay lip service to it and never attempt to change things.

This November that time is up. The truth of our beings will be placed upon the scales of justice and Maat will see you now. Get yourself into alignment. There are 42 Laws of Maat, because when chaos began to shift into order Maat was formed to create and judge the laws upon which the world revolved. Will your scales be balanced? If not make the necessary changes. Know this though that the only one who can balance your scales is you. The same is true for everyone else. You cannot balance someone else scales. They must do their own work. They must own their own work. If you find one of your scales is unbalanced then perhaps you are carrying too much weight. Is it yours? If not they it is time to place that weight where it belongs. Give it back to who it belongs to. Taking ownership of our truth and our scales is justice. When we must carry the full weight of who we are that is judgement. You can balance your scales and in doing so you will achieve justice.


Over the past two months you have journeyed deep within the underworld. You have faced your fears and balanced your scales. What did you find when you did this work? How are you feeling now? We are nearing the point of the darkest night of the year. Do you feel the depth of yourself? The complexities of who you are and what you can be? Within the shadows of yourself have you found the light? Even if it is just a sliver, it is there. The truth of the shadow is that it cannot exist without the light. Your fears could not exist without your dreams, hopes, and desires. Within this work that you have done this season, find your power. That light that lies within the shadow is strong enough to exist within the darkness. That same light and power exists within you. When you face those fears you take back the power that they had over you. You can then harness that power to manifest what you dream of. Why do you think so much of our society is based upon creating fear in us? So that others who know how to work with that energy can harvest it to create empires. Go within, enter the darkness, face your fears, and find the light of power that exists there. Then, following the winter solstice as the light of the world begins to return bring that power back with you out of the underworld and into your reality.



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