New Moon in Pisces: The Dream of the Ram and the Goat

March Planetary Placements.png

Let’s talk about the energy of this time with a run-down of the current astrological placements.

March 6 Venus and Mercury in Aries

March 8 Jupiter Retrograde

March 14 Jupiter semi-square Saturn

March 17 New moon in Pisces; Mars enter Capricorn

March 30 Sun enters Aries

March 22 Mercury Retrograde in Aries

What does all this mean? That we are ramping up the energy. It is gearing up towards go time. There was no full moon in February making this our time for closing out what we started last year. Reflect on what occurred for you in 2017 during the Pisces full moon. What were you experiencing? Pisces represents the completion of the astrological year with the journey of the hero/heroine moving from birth (Aries) to death (Scorpio) to rebirth (Aries).

I’m just going to say it, the energy of this new moon in Pisces is going be intense. We have Venus, Mercury, and the Sun in Aries. We are being straightforward, adventurous, and headstrong in approaching our desires, communication, and sense of self. We are feeling powerful and wanting to give life to the seeds that we have planted in our subconscious of who we are, who we want to be, and how to get there. Jupiter, which is in the sign of Scorpio, goes retrograde and on March 14 forms a semi-square to Saturn in Capricorn. Jupiter in retrograde calls for us to look carefully before we leap. There is so much we want to explore and experience. Moving forward without the proper foundation lessons our ability to anticipate what the outcome of our work may be. You can make that leap and you might fly, fall, find that the ground rises up to support your next steps or travel to a new reality altogether. Jupiter in retrograde suggests blocks to our expansion, luck, and freedom. This energy will be intensified by Jupiter’s aspect to Saturn. The planet of expansion meets the planet of restriction causing a friction of epic challenges.

The planet of expansion meets the planet of restriction causing a friction of challenges through which you will earn the.png

Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to go deeper into our subconscious. Scour the depths of our soul to find all the pieces that we have lost trying to fit into the ideals of the world around us. With Jupiter in Scorpio we want to know more, be more, do more. No more secrets. Saturn, on the other hand wants boundaries. The dark unknown is makes Saturn uneasy because there is no way to predict or control what happens there. The underworld, our subconscious is unrestrained by the limitations of our minds ability to categorize the world around us. Capricorn sees the world around us as is. Creativity is limited by the that which already exists. Because Capricorn has survived the hardships of the world, it accepts that there is necessary suffering. That we build our strength through hard work and perseverance. Jupiter semi-square Saturn is the growing plant breaking free from it’s seeds shell. Eventually the pressure to expand becomes too much. Do you break free, give up, rationalize that you were meant to stay small, find a crack and release what you can?

Pisces New Moon.png

The new moon in Pisces shines the spotlight on our fears and anxiety about our ability to be our true self in a world that wants us to conform. Dedicate yourself to your passions, dreams, and truth. For me that is accepting that I do not view the world like everyone else. That I interpret information and energy differently. I am weird. I am strange. I do not need to change anything about who I am to please others. Those are my truths in the depths of my Piscean dream world. The ram is about to meet the goat. Find your similarities but do not let the goat push you around. Accept the goats challenge to examine the strength of your plans. Once you are sure of yourself, break free and use the energy of the upcoming new moon in Aries to hold your ground.

With love



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