28 Days of Love: Day 7 Soul Love

Greetings beloveds,

It’s the final day of week one in our 28 Days of Love. This week we focused on connecting to our hearts, bringing our hearts into alignment with our higher-self, and nourishing our hearts through our diets. Our hearts long for us to listen to them. To let them take the lead while it works with our spirit, mind, and body. We may speak of our souls, thoughts, beliefs, actions, and heart as if they are separate entities existing outside of each other. Yet they are always connected. Always acting in coordination with each other even when we find ourselves in dangerous or painful situations. Our souls are love. When we are disconnected from our true state of being, we believe in scarcity, separation, division, and lack. We are not these things. We are not bound by the rules of society, the government, or religious bodies. We our bound only by what we can imagine. So now I ask you to dream. To use these exercises from the past week to consciously connect your heart and soul.

We will soon cover the importance of shifting our thoughts towards love, moving our bodies in in ways that connect with our heart, and creating sacred space. Open yourself up to the possibilities of what your life could be. These 28 Days are just the beginning to a lifetime of Love.



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