New Moon in Leo: Planets in Retrograde

Hello lovies,

We are in the midst of retrograde season so be on your p’s and q’s. This is not the time to be slipping. The Leo energy will make things easier for us but we are still open to the general f**kery of the retrogrades. Here’s what we have going on.

Mercury in Cancer retrograde: Oh you thought that Cancer energy was moving on? We know Cancer have a hard time letting go and they are still working us through Mercury. This is still a great time for intimate get togethers, crying sessions, seeing all the movies that pull on your heart strings. It’s also always a great time to meet with your therapist. Having open conversations that allow you to connect with others will help to mitigate confusion and miscommunications. Be mindful of being on the defense and using those claws to keep others at a distance. Protect yourself but be kind.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Retrograde: Jupiter is home and wants us to get our act together. You know how when you visit your childhood home and all the things come up from your past? Maybe there are good memories maybe…not so much. Either way there is a certain nostalgia for coming home. Jupiter in Sag is bringing the fun to the party with random bits of wisdom, a cornucopia of information, and stories that will keep everyone entertained. Use this energy to again, make those connections, plan for trips, and plan to take some chances. Sagittarius isn’t the type to shy away from a challenge. The challenge being, getting that work done because you want to play. The key? Turning your work into play? Have a ton of meetings or deadlines? Move them outside of the office or invite folks to bring their lunch and take a casual approach. Turn that drive towards refine your skills. You’ll find yourself making more headway by integrating your responsibilities with the fun plans you have as opposed to procrastinating.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn Retrograde: Still here. Still in retrograde. Still pulling all of us into the spiral of productivity and structure of Capricorn energy. Key to success: same as Jupiter. Focus on making it fun. When being a bit more intentional and organized becomes your norm it makes everything easier. It seems counterintuitive but plan for free time. Plan time for socializing. Use that as your way of staying in the moment and present so that you get the most out of it. Especially since there’s still that tension between Capricorn and Cancer. If folks are getting on your nerves, be kind and then move around. Don’t get caught up in the drama, it’s not worth it as it pulls you away from that natural productive energy that is active right now. Stay focused, stay creative.

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde: Following our dreams and creativity is the key to success but we can tread the line between fantasy and delusion. Don’t get caught up in anything that sounds too good to be true. Balance your time between fun and responsibilities. Try to avoid self-sabotage by overindulgence in food, drink, socializing, shopping, and fantasizing. Even the deepest waters of our world rest upon the earth’s floor. Keep one foot on the ground as you explore the expansiveness of the ethers.


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