The Journey Home: Full Moon in Aquarius

Sun in Leo

                This new moon offers us an opportunity to step into our role as leaders in defining our world. This takes great courage to understand our role and not put the responsibility on others. To know when there are those who need your assistance and those who do not. 2020 is still the year of great vision. Spend some time this dreaming and creating how you would like for your life to be like.

                There is a pull to go your own way against a desire to support your community. How do we balance this? By defining what is our truth and letting this serve as a compass as we perform our role in our community. When we rebel just to rebel, if that is not our soul truth, it does not feed our desire for freedom. It is the shadow of Leo, performing for the applause and not for ourselves. The question then is: are you following the crowd, your ego, or your shadow?

                Finally, Mars and Chiron in Aries bring us a passion towards pursuing our personal goals. During a pandemic, what better time to have a planet of aggression in the sign of life and personality? Here, the Sun, Mars, and Chiron are working together being in Aries and Leo respectively. If your life has felt a bit dull and boring, now is the perfect time to change things up. Explore what puts a pep in your step. The people you love will inspire you. Use that energy to push forward towards living a life you love.

Moon in Aquarius

                There is a strong desire for freedom to follow our path from Aquarius. We feel very strongly about this. This drives us to find bliss in our individuality and differences. Our hearts call to love, find joy, and create spaces that are specific to us and pleasing. The question is, what brings you pleasure? Find the activities that nourish you and release tension from your mind, body, heart and soul.   

Mercury in Cancer

                Our thoughts are preoccupied with creating spaces where we can be renewed. Everyone has been very stressed lately, and that just won’t serve anyone well in the long run. This full moon, research and commune with others about what makes a space feel supportive. Perhaps you’ll present a proposal or be tasked at work to assist with a rejuvenation space. You may find yourself producing or consuming media about the importance of stress reduction, color therapy, and interior design.  

This is a broad topic that without a plan will be little more than a pleasant conversation. Your responsibilities at home are going to take some of the time and energy that could be used in other areas. It is best to sort out what is most important to you and focus on accomplishing one or two things. Otherwise you will get overwhelmed and frustrated that you have haven’t gotten more accomplished.

Venus: Gemini

                Want to connect more with others? Now is a great time to learn how to improve, change, or have more relationships. One of these methods will be through conversations and spending time together. You will also find that taking classes or any other activity that increases your understanding of how and why people do, think, and act in certain ways will be helpful and appealing.

This information can be triggering. They may awaken the personal development and shadow work that is needed for us to heal our relationships. Take note of your dreams, fantasies, and feelings towards your spiritual or sacred practices while working on these relationships. Specifically, your ancestral or past relationships will be of concern as Neptune’s reversed energy calls our attention towards that which has already happened. Our shadow shows us where healing is needed to allow you to reveal your true self. This work is necessary to form and support relationships with integrity.

Mars and Chiron

Our relationships and the work we are doing for them are activating a deep aggression and wound around the will to live our lives as we desire. Our will is influenced by our individual personality. We want to be ourselves. If someone attempts to restrain, control, or challenge who we are they better be ready for us to defend ourselves.

I know you are ready to go as soon as someone comes at you, but take some time to think through your feelings and reactions. Have conversations about the situation with folks who allow you to be fully yourself. This means taking time out to figure out a response and not just going off the cuff every time you feel personally challenged.  

Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn

Here we are revealing that life is valuable. That our deepest truths and purpose can be achieved through discipline and focus. Our home shaped us. Our home is where we can heal. It will be complicated, but it will be worth it.

Uranus in Taurus

                We have inherited ideas, values, beliefs, systems, and identities from society, our family, and the stories that we tell ourselves. This restricts our ability to truly be our whole self. We can change this and experience personal freedom through nurturing ourselves and finding stillness within. From there, we can shape our external world to reflect our inner state.

Personal development, ego work and shadow work are the key to successfully navigating this moment. Especially after August 12th when Uranus goes retrograde. Everything externally is slowing down and becoming murky. Yet, we know that life is worth living because we as beings are worthy. This pause gives us time to do the work.

Our families, friends, society, and community have ideas of who we are and what we can be. We want to live up to their expectations. To excel in these roles. We strive for freedom for all. Yet, we must also do the work to free ourselves psychologically. Unless we are grounded in the depth and spectrum of who we are, we can be unmoored by the desires of those around us. Do your internal work.

Neptune in Pisces

Lastly, going beyond the surface allows us to grow and embrace that we are more than our personalities, our actions, and our thoughts. We are complex beings shaped by a multitude of forces. We integrate our deeper wider selves through allowing space for fantasy, personal development, spirituality, dreams, and shadow work.  This is the unveiling of the secrets of the shadow- not all are bad or evil. They are just detached, rejected, or unknown. Integrating these parts of ourselves ignites the joy we find in living. Life is worth living. As you reveal more of your shadow, continue to support yourself through care, kindness, and rest.

With love,

Kamilah Rose

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