Living for Now

Blessings loves,

I don’t know if it’s the new moon, solar eclipse or the approaching spring equinox but this past weekend I made some pretty important decisions about the direction my life was taking. It just felt like it was time.

Have you ever found yourself looking at your life and wondering how you got to be where you are? That’s where I was this past weekend. A good job, education, and a wonderful group of friends and loved ones. Yet, I looked around and said is this what I truly want for myself? Is this where I really want to be? And the answer was surprisingly no. But not in every area. I reviewed the most energy consuming portions of my life and some of them did not make the cut. For one, I had postponed two trips abroad in order to be present for a required course in my doctoral degree. I really felt called to take these trips but obligations and responsibilities pointed to different directions. So I did what was expected of me and said next year I’ll take my trips.

But why? What was I waiting for? Another degree in an area that I was already employed in and only slightly interested in still pursuing? While I attended classes the places and experiences I wanted to have were happening all around me. This weekend though I made a different choice. I will put my program progression on hold for a year. Maybe two. I will travel and explore. Take the yoga, belly dance, and pole dance classes that I have wanted to attend but didn’t think I would have time to manage with the amount of homework I had in the evenings. I will commit to my my business of sharing healing models through sacred relationships with ourselves and each other. I commit to finishing my various projects that have been put aside over and over in order to complete assignments on a schedule that rarely matches my own rhythm.

I commit myself to me.




2 thoughts on “Living for Now

    1. Yes yes!! I am excited to get some of my time back without the guilt and get to actually see you and my other loves more.


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