Conscious Consumption

Greetings beloveds,

I hope yesterday was filled with love and gratitude whether you participate or abstain from Thanksgiving. My prayers to you all are that you feel loved and cherished. Know that regardless of where you are that things can change. Being open to transformation is what gives us the ability to grow and experience life. Often we find ourselves in ruts doing the same thing because it is familiar, comfortable, or easy. We want to know what’s coming and how we can control at best the possible outcomes. When we venture outside of our comfort zones we may not know what the outcome may be. It’s the unknown.

conscious-awareness.jpg (960×768)Fear of the unknown can cause for us to create habits that we are unaware of that keep us in loops, having the same experiences over and over. One of the first ways to begin to break free from these loops is to become conscious of what our behaviors are. We can raise our consciousness through bringing our awareness to the present through a variety of ways such as:

  1. Meditating
  2. Breath-work
  3. Journaling
  4. Choosing a focus phrase or item
  5. Choosing a focus activity such as eating, cleaning, or walking

Particularly during this time of year being aware of what we are consuming can be a very enlightening experience. We take into our being or consume so much from food, media, material objects, emotions, and energy. For some today is a day where sales are calling to us. Beckoning us to indulge at every turn.Yesterday we may have consumed copious amounts of food trying a little or a lot of everything. Throwing caution to the wind as this time only comes “once a year”. I urge you to remain present during this time. To really taste the food that you are eating, the words you are speaking/hearing, the energy that you are encountering. Take time to really feel holistically the material objects that you are bringing into your life.

Autumn is the season of slowing down and preparing for winter. Today I encourage you to slow down and appreciate your life how ever it is showing up for you at this time. Give thanks and gratitude.

With love,




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