What Lies Beyond the Underworld?

Greetings beloveds,

I have been doing the work over the past week and wanted to give you all a quick update on what I have experienced thus far.

To begin, I have spent at least one hour each day in meditation visiting the underworld. While there I have had some interesting conversations with the Dark Goddess from my purpose to aliens and ex boy friends. What I knew would be most significant would be our discussion of the 8th gate and my current relationship status (or lack there of). I have gotten to the point where I just express my intention to enter the underworld and I find my self going through a door or gate and I am there. That comes with time and energy devoted to this path so it will most likely not be this simple for those who have never done so before. I would also like to caution anyone from taking a trip to the underworld lightly. It is an intense experience where we are completely naked and unable to hide our true selves. It is not for those who are simply wishing to see what lies beyond the veil.

infinity-1030x644.jpg (1030×644)I have more work to do in this area but I will share what I have learned thus far. First, the 8th gate which shares some characteristics with the 8th Chakra but more so to the infinity symbol. There are tales of the underworld that include 9 levels or 7 gates. The myth of Inanna’s Descent aligns the most with my being so it is the framework upon which information about the underworld is shared with me but this applies across all levels if it resonates with you.

Here’s a little background before I get to the good stuff. I have never understood the fear and opposition to the underworld, Dark Goddess or God energy. It seemed strange and misplaced. For many folks who teach to move beyond fear it seems acceptable to continue to fear or be resistant to these subjects. I understand. Death is unknown. It is a taboo subject in Western society that is shunned and left unaddressed. So much so that we are obsessed with youth and life stigmatizing aging as a process and stage of being. The Crone has only recently begun to be revered and the elderly male is seen either as very wise or a waste of investment in need of retirement. Death is synonymous with change. It is unavoidable that we will at some point no longer be in the form and shape that we are now (unless you get into some really interesting magic or enlightenment). So I find myself relating to this work from a different stance than many. I do not fear this space of the unknown that is dark not because it is evil or bad but because it hold the potential for ALL forms of creation. It is the womb and the tomb where energy is transmuted into something new. How could that be something that we resist? It is so inviting, warm, and welcoming. No judgement or control necessary simply peace and rest.

Due to my alignment with the underworld as well as some information that I received that when I am in spirit form my main job is pretty much the equivalent of the Grim Reaper, as in I assist in the transition of souls from one plane to another, my relationship with underworld work is not quite like any one else’s I have met so far. What I was shared with about the 8th gate was that because it was generally left out of the myths and underworld journey’s folks who venture to do this work do not receive the full healing and rest that should occur. They have become unburdened but continue forth without taking advantage of a unique moment of manifestation and complete realignment with self. They go through the death/rebirth process without having the joy of truth in their being. The 8th gate is that space.

When our souls leave this place and are no longer within our bodies they transition through the energetic realms. Releasing the holds of this dimension which kept them dense. As they become light, returning to their true form they reach a critical point. The place where the review and holds of this lifetime are completely released. They cross through the 8th gate. It is that place between the lower and upper realms. It is the bridge or resting point. It will be different for every person but it is the place of dreams, visions, and unhindered desires. It is where we come to determine who it is we desire to be and unrestrained by the laws of this plane are able to bring them forth immediately.

It is my work at this time to create ways for those who wish to visit this space. To change their world.

I went through my own 8th gate to be presently surprised to see it is where I meet with my guardians and guides. It was a place I had spent much time in and had not known that my relationship with the underworld allowed me access to this space. I will share more later as it becomes time but for now. I hope that you all find your way to this place. Feel the ability to dream and be free.

With love,



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