New Moon In Aquarius


Greetings beloveds,

How’s this week been treating you? It’s been a busy week for me and I’m looking forward to slowing down a little this weekend with some much needed time with friends. Today or tomorrow depending on where you are in the world brings us a new moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is the last of the air signs and the second to last zodiac sign before the beginning of the new astrological cycle. Known as the water bearer, Aquariuses are known for their humanitarian efforts watering the seeds of cognitive innovation required to bring about large scale social and technological change. As a fixed sign though Aquarius is not prone to quick change. They are in for the long game understanding that the actions, plans, and ideas put into place now have long term effects. Aquariuses thoughts are rarely in the present other than to begin to create ideas of what they would like the future to be like. These are the great advanced thinkers of the zodiac signs. Due to this they are the sign most likely to avoid emotions especially as underneath all that intelligence lies a very sensitive soul. They use thoughts and imagination as their forms of connection. Aquariuses are known to be a bit quirky (and a lot of kinky) because of this inter-dimensional super cognitive quite similar to their ruling planet Uranus. Uranus is associated with that larger than life aspect that they hold. Anyone who has had an Aquarius in their life knows these are not simple folks who can be placated with empty words but deep individuals who require transparency and a can do attitude. Which plays perfectly into the theme of this new moon.

You’ll find that Aquariuses seldom act without a well thought out plan. This need for order and control but unlike the Capricorn energy that we have been experiencing Aquarius likes to get things done, even if they know that it will take a long time to see results. Remember they are all about long term change. This is generally the time of year when folks start to make changes in their lives for the better (or worse). Often times we are up and running during January but by February and sometimes March, the steam may have run out. We are just about to reach that time when the plans we set in place to enact change may be starting to show signs of wear and we are needing to amend our plans in order to continue moving forward. This new moon is about taking action so if you find yourself feeling stuck or unsure of where to go next, use this new moon to review your plans, seek outside assistance, and most importantly ACT. At times our mind may trick us into stalling on desires we have because of all the often very real obstacles that may be in our path. Yet we must keep pushing forward. Take a minute to meditate on the future outcome of these endeavors. Let this knowledge that what you are doing now will have long range results as your drive to keep going. Harness that Aquarius energy to dig your heels into your plan and see it’s fruition regardless of what may be keep you from going forward.

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The foresight that Aquarian’s have gives them a sense of ease about the future. They know what is coming and what they/us need to do to create the world we would like to see. You may find yourself though fixed upon your intentions, perhaps even to the point of obsession.  You may find that you are not open to input, assistance, or subtle changes that need to be implemented to your course of action. At this time, we may be experiencing a fear of outside assistance and ways of being because we think it may take away from what we know will bring about the results in life we want. This is a universe of plenty. Right now we are facing a time when those in power are making plans according to a spirit of lack. Cutting away and pruning services and ideas that they feel are draining or negative. When we know that this is a universe of plenty with more than enough for everyone, the fear of sharing space and resources diminishes.

If you are feeling unheard or shut out of large scale decisions within society, take some time to learn the reasons WHY those who are making these decisions are doing so. This will allow you to better understand other’s positions to make a better argument for your case/belief. This does not mean compromise or that you must accept what belief is held by the other but will allow you to better communicate your stance. Or you may find that there is a belief about how you approach achieving your plans or desires that needs to be released or amended. Whatever role you are playing at this time, come at it from a place of abundance. There is space for everyone. This is not a time to hold on to relationships, thoughts, or behaviors that keep you from growth. Even if that means releasing larger structures or institutions that attempt to bind you (cough couch the government).

Take stock of how you have related to the larger world socially, politically, emotionally, intellectually. What patterns do you see here? Right now may be a great time to make a historical timeline of events of how certain decisions have turned out noting all the above mentioned aspects. What’s the same? What’s different about what is going on right now? Use that information to inform what you predict will come in the future. What patterns have existed that need to be released and broken? Aquarius is focused on the macro level but that energy always filters down to our most intimate state of being. Once you’ve done that review, it’s time to be the visionary. What do you want your world to look like? What do you want the future to bring? Once that’s even remotely clear, start acting as if it has already come to pass. If you can’t because of a law or social restriction what needs to be done so that you can have the future you envision? What are the small steps you can take to bring this about? Do those things. Know that you are worthy of having this world that you envision. Even if others say that your needs don’t matter realize they are in that space of lack and fear. You don’t have to be there with them. Cut them off. Turn the channel. Strike down the law. Act!

Remember that you are powerful. I believe in you and know that we can achieve greatness together.

With love,



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