28 Days of Love: Clearing the Mind

overthinking_by_namtia-d930yfl.png (688×1161)Greetings beloveds,

Sometimes we just need to take a mental break. We are constantly being bombarded with information from everywhere as energy is constantly moving and aligning with us. As such our sensory organs (eyes, nose, skin, mouth, ears) are taking it all in and it’s up to our brain to sort through it all. In the end, it’s our brain that ends up doing the brunt of the work. It’s kind of like the goffer of the office. Running here and there to take care of all the needs of the body and soul while also ANTICIPATING what may come in order to be prepared. So much stimulation though can lead to us feeling overwhelmed and overworked. This is that time when the thoughts are running through our mind so quickly of things we need to do, stuff happening in the current moment, and all the things that have previously occurred. We get to the point where we may begin to drop the ball or we are going 90 miles an hour to get everything complete never really giving anything our full attention. When our minds are moving so quickly it makes it difficult for us to make the best decisions because of our inability to fully consider the issue because we are so distracted. So many areas of our lives may suffer due to our trying to handle too at one time.

Here are some signs that it you may have gotten to that point

Disrupted Sleep Patterns or Diminishing Sleep

To-do lists that are never completed AND their incompletion is stressful to                               you

You can’t recall the last time you took a “me” day or even a “me” moment

*The most important sign is that there are activities that you have found that feed your soul which you find yourself no longer participating in NOT by choice*

If you find that any of these signs apply to you it might be time to figure out how to give your mind a break in order to give your best to yourself and everything that you do. I was at this point 2 years ago. I had started my first “adult” job while completing my thesis and comps for an additional degree. I went from writing 6 hours a day on my own schedule to trying to rearrange my life into the 8-5 lifestyle while still needing to write. Needless to say it started with my diet. I found myself not feeling like I had the time or drive to fix fresh meals like I did before. So I started eating out more and more. Then the physical activity began to diminish as I found that the time I would spend working out and spending time outside walking or doing yoga now needed to be spent at work because of the more rigid schedule. Eventually I had stopped doing many of the things that kept me balanced and feeling my best. I had to make a change.

My source of change came from the completion of my degree first which provided me with more time. After that I had the opportunity to put my energy towards figuring out what I needed in order to feel my best while still meeting the requirements of my job. What this came to mean was putting my spirituality, physical health, and diet on the same level of importance as my external obligations. For you, this could mean that you take a vacation, staycation, read a book, watch a movie, or take a walk outside. I found that a morning routine that included meditation became a priority even if it was only for 30 minutes in the morning. It may seem easier to become overwhelmed than it is to take a break due to society’s glorification of busy which often happens simultaneously with shaming visible inactivity. But the trade off is worth it. So here’s some ideas of how to clear your mind so we can start the process of giving our brain some love and attention.

  1. Meditation
  2. Mindfulness
    1. Working on a puzzle, reading a book, coloring, painting, knitting, crafting, cooking, eating, journaling etc.
  3. Movement
    1. Yoga, tai chi, dance, running, walking, swimming, stretching
  4. Mini Me Moments
    1. Set aside 5, 10, 15, or however long you can to take part in one of the above suggestions. This time that you take for you can have a profound effect on your sense of balance and ability to achieve your goals/intentions.



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