28 Days of Love: Yoga to Get that Blood Flowin’

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Greetings beloveds,

I hope you have a having a wonderful day! Yesterday we went over various ways to get active and start moving. To support you in this endeavor I have put together a list of yoga poses that will stimulate circulation and get that blood pumping followed by a quick flow using these poses.

Here’s to sacred movement in all of it’s forms!


Yoga Poses to Stimulate Circulation

          Warrior II – Counterpose downward Facing dog

Warrior I – Counterpose: downward facing dog

Revolved Extended Side-Angle – Counterpose: standing forward bend

Chair – Counterpose: standing forward bend

Revolved Half-Moon- Counterpose: Standing forward bend

Legs Up the Wall – Counterpose: Corpse

Cobra – Counterpose: Childs pose/lying on belly

Camel – Counterpose standing forward bend/childs pose

Locust – Counterpose: lying on belly/childs pose

Pigeon – Counterpose: knees-to-chest/seated forward bend

Gentle Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist I- Counterpose: staff

Seated Spinal Twist II – Counterpose: staff

Head to knee forward bend – Counterpose: knees to chest

  Revolved Head to Knee forward bend – Counterpose: seated forward bend

  Open Angle – Counterpose: Knees-to-chest

  Garland – Counterpose: staff

  Kneeling Pose – Counterpose: staff

  Sage – Counterpose: staff

Gentle Yoga Flow to Stimulate Circulation 

Start seated with your legs crossed comfortably. Inhale feeling your back lengthen and straighten as you do. Place your right hand behind you and exhale into a twist bringing your left hand onto your right knee for seated spinal twist. Hold here for 3 breaths.

Now extend your legs in front of you into staff making sure your spine is straight by imagining each vertebrae stacking one on top of the other. Inhale arms overhead and exhale bending at the waist into seated forward bend. Hold for as long as you need.

Inhale slowly raising your arms overhead and exhale lowering your arms. Repeat 2 times.

Next, spread your legs as far apart as is comfortable for you into a v shape. Inhale arms up exhale bending at the waist placing your hands on the floor in front of you where ever you feel comfortable for open angle. Hold for 2 breaths then on your next inhale raise up slightly and on the exhale bend forward from the waist lowering deeper into the pose. Hold here for 2 breaths. Repeat as many times as you like until you have reached the deepest pose for you.

Now inhale slowly raising up out of the pose and find yourself in legs together, abdominal muscles activated, arms comfortable at your side. Inhale raising your arms overhead letting your shoulders slide gently down holding your arms parallel to each other elbows and palms facing inwards into Mountain pose. Take 2 breaths and then exhale lowering your arms as you do so. Repeat 2 times. On the third, exhale bend forward at the waist for standing forward bend. Repeat this again 2 times. Return to standing position arms lowered at your sides once again.

Plant your right food firmly on the ground at the front of your mat if you are using one, feeling each toe connect with the ground. Step your left foot back behind you with your foot turned out. Align yourself until your hips are squared. Inhale slightly up and exhale bending your right knee to a 90 degree angle. Exhale, rotating your core and turning your head so that you are looking out over your right hand into Warrior II. Hold for 2 breaths or longer if desired. When ready, exhale lowering your left arm down along with rotating your core back towards the ground. Inhale, slowly raising up from the waist bring your arms to rest on your hips.

Inhale rising up slightly. Exhale keeping your right knee bent at a 90 degree angle you’re your torso still facing to your right. Place your hands firmly either on your knee to steady yourself. When you’re ready inhale your arms up in the same fashion used in Mountain pose for Warrior. Breath here, using your feet to feel the connection to the ground. Your weight should be centered in your hips, your core strong supporting your upper body. Hold here for 4 breaths. Inhale raising up just slightly and exhale releasing your arms back to your knee.

On your next exhale lower your arms and place your hands back on your knees. Inhale, and on your next exhale lower your hands to the floor. Now inhale and raise your left leg up behind you. Inhale bringing your right hand to your hip for a breath. Then on your next inhale shrug your right shoulder towards your ear and lift your right arm up opening the chest area completely into Revolved Half-Moon. Breathe here for 3 breaths If you are feeling too challenged here, lower that right arm and raise your left forearm to bring your hands into prayer pose. Your core still rotated to the right. Hold and breathe here. When you are ready, exhale lowering that left arm to the ground placing your right hand on your right hip. Inhale, raise up slightly moving your left arm to your right knee and bring your right hand to meet it there.

Both hands resting upon your knee on your next inhale step your left leg forward both feet together knees slightly bent. Steady yourself and inhale slowly rising up into standing. Repeat again on your left side.

Once done, standing tall inhale your arms up overhead into Mountain and then exhale releasing your arms to your side. Repeat as many times as desired. On your last exhale bring your hands together in Prayer pose at your heart chakra.


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