There’s a New World Coming: New Moon and Uranus in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

Today we have a new moon in the sign of Taurus. Taurus is our first Earth sign of the western astrological zodiac. It takes that go go go energy of fiery Aries and grounds it into practices to be implemented. The energy of the cardinal sign Aries is to get us started. It pushes us outside of our winter cocoons to bring us back to life. Taurus is a mutable sign which means that it stabilizes the energy of Aries. It grounds our sense of self into our bodies and world around us.

Taurus is traditionally associated with the planet Venus. They naturally find the beauty in others, themselves, and the world around them. Taurus is associated with the Bull as they can be stubborn, set in their ways, and determined. This allows for them to have tremendous willpower. They set their mind to achieving a goal and will do so without being deterred.

This new moon, there is an energetic shift taking place with Uranus with moving into Taurus. I’ll share more about that later. With that, not everything will be clear right now. Not everyone moves with integrity and truth. There may be people around you who are not working with your best interest at heart. Or you may be deceiving yourself. Regardless, there is deception occurring somewhere. Be mindful of your relationship to money, ancestral wealth, heritage, and CHANGE. If you are resistant to our economy or currency changing this is a really good time to examine why.

  • Are there ideals associated with money or wealth that you are attached to?
  • Does the idea of living in an economy not based on paper currency worry you?
  • Do you diversify your income/saving/investment options or do you save all your money in a mattress?
  •           Do you place the value of your life and resources over others?
  • Do you reject the material realm because it is the “root of all evil?”.

Change is coming to the way that we interact with money and resources. Things will look different and there may be sudden changes to our society especially in terms of electronic finances, technology, and our perception of resources. Things that you trusted are going to be revealed to be shadows of what we thought they were.

Change is coming to the way that we interact with money and resources. Things will look different and there may be sudden changes to our society especially in terms of electronic finances, technology, and our p.png

The new moon in Taurus wants you redefine what you value. It must be based on love. Cosmic, universal love. One where resources are available to all which aligns with the energetic truth that we are in a universe of ABUNDANCE. When we fear and act on the energy of lack, loss, not enough, and distrust we limit our ability to access all that is available to us. It’s time to release outdated paradigms which says we cannot give to others because then there won’t be enough left for me. Or the more insidious paradigm of “we only get what we earn”. Again, these are limiting thoughts because you deserve everything. It is promised to you that you will be cared for.

Move into abundance. You are limitless. You are abundant. You are wealthy. You are Divine! You are courageous! Ground yourself in compassion, empathy, love, nurturing, and self-care. This will be the new foundation of how and why we work. Karen Parker with Human Design for Everyone stated that, “Taurus is a sign of mutation. It is a strange sign that nurtures the seed of new beginnings”.

Taurus calls us to ground our beliefs and practices in what we CAN be. Do you know what you desire? What really makes you feel secure? What your soul purpose is? Take some time to sit down and write this out. If you have not already set SMART goals and objectives write them out. Create a loose plan and then like a Taurus stick to it. Things may be uncomfortable but as Anais Nin said, “the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful then the risk it took to blossom”. We are breaking out of a shell so be gentle with yourself and be gentle with each other.

Correspondences Adapted from Moon Magick by D.J. Conway

Nature Spirits: Faeries, elves, Earth related beings

Herbs: Patchouli, bergamot, elder, rose, mugwort, thyme, yarrow

Colors: Green, brown, pink, gold

Flowers: Lily of the valley, foxglove, rose,

Scents: Rose, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Bergamot


Abundance: Emerald, Malachite, Jade, Amber, Pyrite, Citrine, Carnelian, Diamond, Topaz

Grounding: Red Jasper, Red Coral, Fire Opal, Smoky Quartz, Fire Agate, Cat’s Eye, Bloodstone, Brown Spinel, Brown Tourmaline

Deities: Bast, Venus, Aphrodite, Maia, Diana, Artemis, Pan, Horned God


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