Sacred Hearth: Sagittarius Elixir

Greetings beloveds, It's time to stoke the fires of creation through destruction by honoring the Goddess Kali during the full moon in Sagittarius. Use this Elixir recipe to imbibe the energy of movement, power, compassion, love, destruction and rebirth. Sagittarius Elixir One package of frozen strawberries One package of frozen cherries On large package of … Continue reading Sacred Hearth: Sagittarius Elixir

Enchanted Hearth: Harvest Season-Fall Foods

Greetings beloveds, My favorite season is here. Although this time of year has become bombarded by pumpkin spice everything, there's more to fall than pumpkin. Here's a list of the vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are in season during the fall. Vegetables: Acorn squash, arugula, beets, Belgian endive, broccoli, brussels sprouts, butter lettuce, buttercup squash, … Continue reading Enchanted Hearth: Harvest Season-Fall Foods