It’s Official!

It’s here it’s here!!

Hello beloveds, I’m here to share with you an exciting project that I am putting together for the month of April. I don’t know about the rest of you but 2014 was eh, 2015 was rough, and 2016 is starting to off beautiful but slightly intimidating. What does that mean? That there’s no greater time then to focus on self-care and making sure that I am putting my health first. So I proudly introduce to you all 28 Days of Self-Care: Spring Edition.

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I have taught planning and management of self care for the past three years since my second year of graduate work in Fall 2012. Every day I learn something new. I’m overjoyed to share some of what I have learned with you all. So for 28 days starting Sunday April 3rd  I will be sharing on The Bliss Institute Facebook page posts featuring practical self-care practices that can be incorporated into your everyday routine.

My passion lies in seeing others thrive. In doing what I can to support them as they strive to be their best self. There is nothing more fulfilling. I didn’t realize that I felt called to stand with others. To hold space. To share. That is partly why I have this blog.

See I used to think that there wasn’t much that I had to offer as far as life experience. I’ve never been married. Weighed less than 150 lbs. Felt overly feminine. Had a child. I’ve been in several relationships, none of which have panned out to be a huge success. Society says that as a 28 year old woman, a 28 year old Black woman that I should fit into certain boxes. That I should be in a stable secure relationship. That I should either be about to get married or already be married. On my way to the cookie cutter life of children, a house, the cars, the 40 hour work week. Workout, be concerned about my appearance, want to be a good girl, yet concerned about being appealing to men. These are only the boxes associated with being a woman. Without even taking into account the intersectionality of my race, class, and sex.

So because I didn’t fit into the mold that was laid out for me, never have really, I have doubted myself. What I have to offer and what role I should play in the world.That self doubt has led to some not so great choices but I am blessed to be able to have had the choice. Would I have chosen this path? I can’t say no, because guess what I chose it. I’ve learned a lot. What I’ve learned I’m now here to share with who ever would be interested to know.

So here’s to 28 days of loving ourselves radically. Unapologetically without guilt or fear. It’s a frightening thing but hell we are scared most of the time anyway so why not take that step towards the fear. Embrace it. Use it to fuel our growth until one day we look around and the fear has been transmuted into love. Into acceptance. Into our true selves. So I say this as someone who has been broken, defeated, and challenged that there is more. All we must do is face the fear.

Here’s to you,



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